My life lately: Post Uni life, new hair + sausages.

1. I'm not sure if I've already mentioned this on here, but whilst growing up as a kid, my all time favourite PlayStation game was the almighty Tomb Raider.  It was the only game we owned that had a female as the main character and it was by far the most interesting and hardest game(s) to finish.  No other game could ever compare in my books, not even Spyro the Dragon or Crash Bandicoot.  So anyway, you can imagine my delight when almost two decades later a rebooted version of the classic Tomb Raider was released, and a lucky girls boyfriend decided to bring the game home for her to play! :D  Now despite having my final assignment for Uni to write at the time (I haven't done one of these posts in a while, hence the Uni talk) I just couldn't pass up the opportunity to sit in front of the Xbox* for 12 hours straight and release my inner 9 year old, haha!  It ended up taking just over 2 days to complete the entire game, however, being the perfectionist that I am I desperately needed to reach 100% by finding all the hidden items/secret tombs etc. and so spent the next few weeks going back (there's a time travel feature in the game) to find everything.  As you can see from the photo above, I eventually reached 100% and had to document my success.  The game was seriously amazing and I highly recommend that everyone give it a go at some point.  I loved it so much that I even started playing it a second time.. too much? never!

*B wouldn't let us get a PlayStation when we moved in together, but I'm still a total PlayStation girl at heart.  I mean, I still use the PlayStation keys for goodness sake! :P

2. Somewhere in between starting the Tomb Raider game and achieving 100%, I finished up my final assessments for Uni and awaited the release of my results.  Needless to say I was SO relieved when I found out that I had passed everything (I may have even done another happy dance and screamed with delight into my pillow) but the reality that I am actually now a qualified teacher didn't kick in until I received the email above (obviously the email didn't come with a moustache and in fact came with my teacher registration number).  Even though I don't want to become a full time teacher any more, the email above means that I can be a relief teacher starting from.. well.. since the day I received that email!  I haven't had a day of relief teaching yet as I am trying to focus on being a full time graphic designer, but once I get settled into a proper routine I will definitely put my name down on the supply teacher registry. :)

3. A couple of weeks ago I decided to curl my hair for the first time in ages (I can't for the life of me remember why though, was I going out somewhere? who knows!) and was truly amazed by just how much my hair has actually grown.  It's the longest it has EVER been, and even though it's a pain in the arse to maintain, I couldn't be any happier with my long mane. :P

4. As happy as I was with my hair that day though, I decided to let my cousin Danielle take a centimetre of split ends off when I visited her last weekend.  She also offered to colour my hair for me as it was looking a bit drab, so I decided to spice things up a bit by going for a dark brown/mahogany shade.  Most people wouldn't know the difference because my hair colour is almost always some variation of brown, but I can personally see a huge difference and am really happy with the change. :)

5. On the same weekend that I was up visiting my cousin, I also spent the weekend chilling out with my family.  The short video above was taken after we had finished eating our dinner and were sitting in the loungeroom watching our favourite Aussie comedian, Carl Barron, on dvd. :)

6. This next photo is a little bit out of order, but basically, the day before I came up to visit my family, B spent an entire morning helping me to create my new computer set up pictured above. :)  You see, for the past 5 years I have been working solely from my trusty dell laptop, which although still works perfectly, has a pretty small monitor with terrible colour calibration (not good for a graphic designer!) that desperately needed to be replaced.  Because I can't afford a whole new computer right now, B suggested that I still use my laptop for the actual computer, but that I purchase a new monitor and wireless keyboard to use with it instead (you'd think I could figure this out for myself, but no!).  I then had the genius realisation that the little draw underneath my desk has plenty of breathing room to store my laptop as well as a huge space at the back for the monitor and power cords to go through and remain somewhat hidden from view.  Being the lovely guy that he is, B then helped me to find the cheapest/best quality monitor and keyboard around our area, and after a little bit of shopping (and bargaining) we were back home setting up my new computer before lunch time. :D  I eventually want to get a whole new computer desk and a more ergonomic computer chair, but until I'm a little bit richer (or a lot richer, my tastes have become quite expensive lately) I am super duper happy with how my office looks right now! :)

7. Back to the weekend with my family.. on Sunday my brother Mitchell unfortunately had to work, so Mum and I headed into the city with the furbabies to check out the Boggo Road Markets (which turned out to be rubbish) and to attend the Brisbane Dachshunds winter meet up in Woolloongabba.  I'd never been to a Dachshund meet up before, so I had no idea what to expect, but once we arrived I never wanted to leave. There were so many Dachshunds there (at least 70) and of all different varieties, and because the meet up was in a dog park the dogs were all allowed off their leashes, so there were 70+ yapping crazies running around like mad man.. haha!  The photo above was taken to show you guys which variety of Dachshund I eventually want to get when B and I move into a bigger place that allows pets (although I'm thinking we might actually prefer a short haired english cream), but as you can see, poor Phoebe couldn't handle that I was giving another dog attention and started jumping at my legs and whining like a small child lost at the grocery store. :P  I also took a quick video of what the meet up looked like shortly after we had first arrived. Bare in mind that within half an hour of filming this there were more than twice as many Dachshunds there than what is shown in the video.

Enjoy! :)


  1. Congrats on the game achievement haha.

    And officially being a qualified teacher!

    Hair looks good curled!


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