My Life Story: Part 2.

Hey everyone,

A few months ago now I posted Part 1 of "My Life Story" where I took you guys on a trip down memory lane from my birth to the beginning of grade 3.  I had a lot of fun writing it, and I think some of you enjoyed reading it, so I decided that today I would dedicate a few hours to sharing part 2 of my life story. :)

I can't promise that my life was incredibly interesting during this next part, but it made me who I am today so that already makes it interesting.. right? :P  Haha!  Anyway, enjoy!

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Now that Jamie and I were officially best friends, the two of us started hanging out nearly every weekend.  At first I didn't go over to Jamie's house at all because her step mother didn't want to look after us (her Dad worked as a truck driver and was often away from home), but that was ok because we had more fun at my place anyway.  Some of the fun things I can remember doing together were stealing my brothers action man doll and playing barbies all day, making grilled cheese on toast, pretending to be the Spice Girls, and playing with Pixie - my new poodle puppy. :)  As we grew older I eventually started visiting Jamie at her house when her Dad was home for the day (not very often though), and we would watch scary movies on her Dad's big screen TV and eat porridge and home made nachos. :D  Throughout most of grade 3, and all of grade 4, Jamie and I were pretty much inseparable.  We even started going to Brownies (Girl Guides) together every Monday night.  It wasn't until grade 5 that we started making other friends, but even then we remained best friends right through until the end of high school.  For the record, we're still best friends, we're just nowhere near as close as we used to be.

Grade 5 was a monumental year for me as it was the first time I ever experienced the bitchiness that comes along with being a female.  You see, most of these new friends that I was making were slightly older than me (but in the same class as me) and were starting to get their periods, finding themselves interested in boys, etc etc.  I didn't have my period yet (and couldn't understand their fascination with periods) but found their constant gossiping about boys and "who had a crush on who" to be utterly fascinating.  Of course, if one of my friends had a crush on the same boy as another friend in my grade, it was automatically turned into a full on class war and I would be forced to take sides and defend the crush rights of whichever friend had a crush on said boy first.. talk about drama!  I may have developed my first crush on a boy when I was in grade 5 as well, but as another girl in my class already had her heart set on him I thought it best to keep it to myself. :P

Left:  My younger brother Mitchell and I with our new poodle puppy, Pixie.
Right:  Me in grade 5 with a sock over my foot to protect my stitches whilst camping.

First crushes aside, another reason why I will always remember grade 5 is because it was the year that I cut my foot open whilst camping.  It was a nice sunny day and my family was down by the river playing in the water.  I was standing on top of a big rock at the time when my Dad and brother squirted me from behind with their water guns and scared me to a point where I fell off the rock.  Little did I know that when I landed in the water I had actually sliced my heel open on a sharp rock lying on the bottom of the river bed.

Annoyed about being squirted with their water guns, I quickly stood up and stormed out of the water to tell off my Dad and brother.  I didn't even realise that my heel had been sliced open (my foot was a gaping mess) until my Mum starting screaming and pointing to the trail of blood coming out of the river and stopping at the back of my foot.  As soon as I saw the blood it was like my brain suddenly registered the pain, and oh my goodness did I scream my bloody lungs out.

Because we were out in the middle of nowhere at the time, Mum and Dad loaded us all into the car (Pixie included) and drove us to the nearest hospital which was over an hour away.  Needless to say I spent the ENTIRE car ride screaming my head off and bleeding all over the back seat.  Once we got to the hospital though I was seen to virtually straight away, and 8 stitches later I was feeling right as rain again.  I can still see the scar on my left heel today, although it's really only more of a faint mark now. :)

Left:  Jamie and I in grade 6 with my puppy, Spyro.
Right:  Jamie and I on the summer holidays before starting high school.

Grade 6 and 7 were probably the most memorable years of Primary school for me, not just because I was starting to hit puberty, but because I was crushing really hard on a troublemaking boy. :P  It all started at grade 6 camp when I was informed by a group of girls in my class that I really needed to find a boyfriend (because you know, it's absolutely essential that 11 years old be dating).  They told me that because most of the "acceptable boys" had already been "taken" by themselves, that I only had a choice between the class clown/show off/dickhead or the class bad boy who was always in detention for something.  As I couldn't stand the class clown I decided to go with the class bad boy, and so these girls ran off to let the boy know that Felicity was on the market.. haha!

Given that this boy and I had never so much as spoken to each other before, it was amazing how quickly I fell for this kid who I would normally stay away from in case his bad boy attitude got me into trouble.  Before you get your hopes up though, nothing ever happened between us (like it ever could at that age!) but for the rest of grade 6, all of grade 7, and even the first few months of high school, I was totally and completely obsessed with this boy and every girl in our grade knew it. :P

On the first day of grade 7 we were allowed to choose where we wanted to sit.  Obviously the girls chose to sit with the girls, and the boys chose to sit with the boys, but within 5 minutes my crush was acting up so the teacher told him he had to go sit next to me as I seemed like I would be a better influence on him.  HAH! Always being a goody goody paid off.  That morning was like Christmas to me!  Unfortunately the other girls in my group kept complaining about how distracting he was, so a few days later he was moved to another group.. damn those 12 year old girls for wanting to get some work done!  Anyway, it wasn't until the end of the year that this boy and I were finally mature enough to even be friends, and whenever we hung out together outside of school it was always under parental supervision, so nothing was ever going to happen.  Still, whenever someone asks me who my first big crush was, I will always think of that little boy and smile at how silly I was. :)

..stay tuned for Part 3!


  1. Awww such a cute story! Little Pixie looks adorable :) I love reading these little posts!


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