My life lately: A wedding and a funeral.

1. A few weeks ago Judy (my Stepmum) went in for her 20 week scan and found out that she is definitely having a baby boy.  We already knew this from her 16 week scan/tests, but to hear it again at 20 weeks made the reality of having another little brother really sink in.  Judy sent me this ultrasound photo as soon as she returned from the scan. :)  So far it has been decided that the little dude's middle name is going to be James (after my Dad), and the first name has come down to one of three choices.. Edward, Henry and Marcus. Henry and Marcus were two of my name suggestions that Judy also happened to like, but I have a sneaking suspicion that he is going to be named Edward (which just so happens to be my Dad's middle name).

2. For the last 2 months, ever since I finished Uni, I have been working really hard in my small business management course.  During this time I registered my business name, sorted out my ABN, revamped my design website, and as of Wednesday last week I officially completed my Certificate IV in Small Business Management.  It feels so surreal to finally be operating a proper full time business, but I couldn't be more excited. :D

3. In case you missed it, I also graduated from Uni with my Bachelor of Education Degree.  I know, I know.. how many degrees does a 24 year old actually need?  Too many by the looks of it, haha!

4. On a less positive note, a few days after my graduation my Papa passed away after his three year battle with cancer.  We attended his funeral service on the 17th of September, and although it was a very sombre occasion,  it was lovely to have the whole family together.  I put together a photographic tribute video for the family to watch during the service, and shared it on my blog here.

5. Two days after the funeral I headed up to Noosa to be a bridesmaid at my friend Stephanie's wedding.  I don't want to say too much as I intend on doing a separate post once some more photos have been uploaded, but I will say that the wedding was absolutely beautiful.

6. Before heading home the next day, B and I decided to go exploring and soak up the Noosa sun.  It turned out to be a perfect little morning of hiking, taking photos, browsing the local shops and eating gelato.  Check out the video below to see a view of the spot we found where I would potentially like to get married one day. :)

So what have you been up to lately?

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