Recent Design Work.

Hey guys,

Here are a few of the designs that I have been working on throughout August/September..

Steph, who I have designed for previously, contacted me last month to see if I was available to create a new design for her.  It turns out that she had originally chosen to work with a different designer this time around, but once the design had been installed she just wasn't quite happy with it.  Steph made it clear that she had returned to me with the hope that I could once again create a design that she would fall in love with, so I did everything within my power not to disappoint her.  In the end, my persistence paid off, and I was able to install one of the most beautiful designs that I have ever had the pleasure of creating. :)

Lauren, or 'Lola', came to me a few months ago with a very strong vision in mind for her design.  Pinks, lace, flowers and a hand drawn typewriter were all on her list of requests.  Being the minimalist type of designer that I am, finding a way to incorporate everything was definitely a challenge.  Fortunately I found a way to fit everything in and still managed to keep the design quite simplistic in the end.

Kelley is a long time client of mine, and was actually one of the first ladies that I ever created a design for.  So when she contacted me last month asking for a brand new redesign, I couldn't have been more excited. Kelley told me she wanted her design to have a rustic/country feel, with some nice pops of colour thrown in and a chevron background as well. :)

Danielle was an absolute pleasure to work with and making her vision come to life was actually very easy. Pastel pinks/purples and white was the colour scheme she gave me to work with, and scalloped borders and watercolour splashes were her only other requests.

Brigitte was another client that I was delighted to be able to work with, especially since her design request was a little bit unusual (in comparison to my usual designs that is!).  Brigitte wanted to keep her original background, which was fine by me, so I pretty much ended up working her design around that background image. :)

Jade was another lovely client of mine who left most of the design process up to my imagination.  She originally wanted only text in her header, but after mentioning that she was worried that her readers might not understand what 'investment buy' meant, I decided to create a digital illustration of a shopping bag to make sure it was clear.

Another Jade that I had the pleasure of working with was Jade from Jade's beauty blog.  Jade made it clear that she wanted her design to be very simple and clean, with greens and creams and pretty fonts throughout.

Last but not least, Jamie came to me after falling in love with Kayleigh's design, and asked if I could create a similar design for her but using a purple colour scheme instead.  As I pride myself on producing 'custom' designs for my clients, I did my best to create the design that Jamie wanted without compromising on individuality.  All in all, I'm very happy with what we managed to come up with. :)

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  1. all of your designs are amazing! Again, thanks for your talent and being super quick to work. Can't wait to see what you come up with next! :)


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