A Fun Little Quiz.

Hey guys,

I hope you all are well. :)  Since it's the weekend I thought it might be fun to write a light hearted post, so I've decided to do a fun little quiz that Kaelah posted on her blog the other day.  Let me know if you end up doing this quiz in the comments section below and I'll pop on over to check it out!

1. A day in the life: What does you typical day look like?
My alarm going off at 5.45 to tell me to take one of my Narcolepsy meds to assist me in waking up.  My alarm going off again at 6.15 when I either get out of bed and go to the bathroom, or lie in for 15 minutes playing on my phone.  By around 6.30 I'm usually up and ready to go, although I tend to hold off on having a shower until late morning/early afternoon if I don't have to leave the house that day.  I then spend the next few hours replying to emails, eating breakfast, blogging etc. before starting my official work day at roughly 9am.  I then work through until B comes home in the evening, only stopping for a quick lunch/shower if I haven't already had one.  Once B gets home (around 5pm at the moment) I talk my head off for half an hour and then start making our dinner while B goes for a run.  We usually eat dinner on the couch together while watching an episode of one of our favourite TV shows, or if B doesn't have any Uni work to do we might even watch a movie.  I'll then go to bed at around 9.30 because that's generally the time that B wants to go to sleep.

2. What TV show are you most excited about returning this Spring (Fall/Autumn for those of you on the other side of the world)?
Probably 'Castle'.

3. What is something really popular that you secretly (or not so secretly) loathe?
Those jelly sandal things that are apparently popular again.

4. Do you have any pets? Tell us about them! Bonus points for pictures.
I have two dogs that live with my Mum and Brother.  An almost 4-year-old female miniature dachshund named Phoebe, and a 2-year-old Maltese X named Joey.  I'm hoping to get a couple of miniature dachshunds of my own next year as well. :)

5. What are 3 positive words to describe you?
Determined, Thankful and Loyal.

6. If you could live anywhere else in the world, where would it be?
Springfield Lakes.  I used to live there with my family before I moved out with B, and it's seriously the most perfect suburb to raise a family in.  I'd ideally like to live in a house just like my Mum's place as well.

7. Dream job?
Being a stay at home Mum and working from my home office as a freelance graphic designer.

8. Least favourite chore?
Cleaning the bathroom.  It doesn't help that we have a laundry/bathroom combo, because every time the dryer is on the whole room gets covered in lint.

9. When do you feel most like a rock star?
When I'm having a good hair/skin day and feel confident in my own skin.

10. What is something you are currently trying to improve within yourself?
Finding the motivation to stick to a routine.  Working from home is a challenge for me, I'm not going to lie.


  1. I hate those jelly sandals too! I even hate more that I bought some during the week because I had a dream that I really liked them! I love reading these types of posts about my favourite bloggers!

    1. Hahaha! That sounds like something I'd do. :P For example, the other night I had a dream that we'd just bought our new puppy and I decided to call her 'Arden' after my favourite perfume. When I woke up I realised my favourite perfume is actually by Estee Lauder, not Elizabeth Arden (I don't even own Elizabeth Arden perfume), but decided that I'd still call a girl puppy Arden because it sounded good in my dream.. clearly I have issues! :P


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