My life lately: Tackling my anxiety head on.

1.  A few weeks ago now Anita and Jaana flew back down to visit their family (and me!) over the school holidays.  I only got to see them for one day, but still, it was a pretty awesome day.  We started off our day together by hitting up Ikea for breakfast and then spent about an hour walking around imagining that we lived in the display rooms.  After Ikea we headed over to my Mums place to walk the dogs and had a yummy picnic lunch by the lake.  We then went over to visit my Nana to see how she was doing since my Pa had passed on and was relieved to see that she appears to be doing well. :)  Before it got too dark we decided to drive back to the coast to have dinner and watch a movie at my place.  I of course fell asleep half way through the movie, but I'm pretty sure the girls managed to enjoy it without me. :P  I can't wait until the Christmas holidays now so they can come back down to help me with house hunting.  Love you girls!

2.  The following week I finally caught up with another old friend of mine, Jamie, and her one month old baby boy Xavier.  Jamie and I have known each other since we were 7-8 years old, so to see her with a baby was actually a really strange experience.  It's obvious what a great Mum she is though and I'm really proud of her. She makes me feel a little more confident that I might actually be a good Mum myself one day. :)

3. In regards to my graphic design business everything has been going well (although I could do with a few extra design jobs at the moment to help me save for our big move coming up).  I was invited to attend a free quarterly networking breakfast at the Emerald Lakes golf club a couple of weeks ago, and despite the fact that I was coming down with 
tonsillitis that day, I had a really enjoyable morning.  Breakfast was delicious, the people were friendly, I had the opportunity to hand out lots of business cards, and best of all we had an amazing motivational speaker.  I just hope that one day I will have an awesome story of my own that I can share to motivate others.

4. Although business has been going well on a whole, things are still a bit slow at the moment and so I have had to start babysitting on the weekends.  You probably can't tell from the picture above but babysitting actually freaks me out a lot.  I've never had a really young sibling or cousin to look after (I will soon though!), and the children I worked with during my prac experiences were always 5 years or older.  My anxiety went sky high simply from placing my babysitting ad online, but I'm forcing myself to push through it by throwing myself in the deep in.  Tomorrow I'm babysitting for three different families: a 1 year old boy from 8.30-11.30, 2 and 5 year old boys from 12-6, and 1 and 2 year old boys from 7pm through til the next morning.. eeek!  Wish me luck. :P

So what have you been up to lately?

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