October Designs + DIY Blog Design Series?

Today I thought I would take the time to share some of the blog and other graphic design jobs that I have been working on throughout October.  If you're interested in having your own blog designed, feel free to check out my blog design page and send me an email.  I have plenty of openings throughout November so you wouldn't have to wait long at all. :)

I'm also thinking of starting up some DIY blog design posts here on the blog next month for those of you who want to learn a few little tricks and tips.  Before I can go ahead though I need to know just how many of you would actually be interested in reading these types of posts as they will be very time consuming to prepare, and I wouldn't want to waste my time writing them if nobody is going to read them.  So yeah, let me know in the comments below and if I get five or more comments I will set the first post up to go live next week. :D

Ashlee, from AshleeDel, is a beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger who wanted a simple, feminine, vintage chic style blog design to match her personality.  To achieve this look we decided to go with a dusty pink and light baby pink/peach colour scheme, with a mixture of elegant and modern fonts and floral touches throughout.

Laura, from WhatLauraLoves, is an experienced fashion and beauty blogger who contacted me in hopes of purchasing a more professional and eye catching design for her blog.  To match the colour of the gorgeous dress that Laura models in her sidebar photo (a dress that she designed herself for a major plus sized fashion brand over in the UK) we decided to make the colour scheme of her design mostly coral with pops of turquoise and light grey.  Laura also wanted a recurrent appearance of love hearts throughout her design, which I managed to achieve by incorporating them into her header, navigation bar, sidebar titles, social media icons and even her blog post signature.  A lovely blog design that looks great on any browser. :)

Catherine, from Cat Hearts, is yet another beauty, fashion and lifestyle blogger based in the UK who contacted me to purchase a new blog design this month.  It appears that hearts are very popular at the moment because once again the theme of love hearts was requested, only this time we decided to go for a much softer look, using light pinks and lilacs and greys in place of blacks. :)

I'm currently also working on a huge collaborative design project for an exciting new small business that is starting up in South Africa, so you can expect to see/hear more about that in the upcoming weeks.

So what do you guys think?  Which of the designs above is your favourite?


  1. Like the designs! I would love if you would share some tips!!

  2. Yay some tips would be awesome I'd definitely like to see those posts!

  3. would so love to see some tips, i think i might like to have a .com blog - just to put that in there as a suggestion. also im a simple one, lol, so blogger seems more my thing than word press - but i like the freedom of wordpress that your blog can be whatever you want.

    my issue is finding the time to commit so i look forward to your series :-)

    1. Blogger is definitely more my thing as well, so my posts should hopefully be pretty easy for you to follow/utilise. :)

      Oh, and thanks for the suggestion. ;)


  4. Would love some tips and hints!!

  5. I absolutely love my new blog design, thank you so much Felicity, you're so talented! :) x

  6. I would love it! I have no idea about blog designing! :D


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