Goals for 2014.

For the past few years I have been setting myself four general, achievable goals to reach by the end of each year.  Last year my four goals were:

1. Become more self confident by filming and publishing YouTube videos, expanding my blogging and YouTube audience, saying goodbye to the negative people in my life, and being more open with my family and friends.

2. Expand my design business to include personalised invitations, business cards etc.

3. Continue with my healthy lifestyle / longer locks journey, documenting my progress along the way.

4. Rid myself (and our apartment) of things we simply do not need.  Just get everything in order basically.

I am super happy with the effort that I made to achieve these goals, and with the exception of publishing more YouTube videos, I think I did a pretty good job. :)  I no longer allow negative people to filtrate my friendship circle, I shared my blog with my family and friends on several occasions via facebook and instagram, I joined bloglovin' and gained amazing new readers, I not only expanded my design business but made graphic and web design my full time job, I successfully completed and documented my longer locks journey, I started experimenting with healthy meal options and posted many of these recipes on my blog, I decluttered our apartment and got everything in order before our big move... yeah, a bloody decent effort indeed I think!

This year, however, I've decided to change things up a bit by only setting myself two goals to achieve throughout 2014...

1. Be earning at least $250 from my design business every week by the end of March, and at least $300 every week by the end of September.  This isn't just a new years resolution for me, it is a goal that is absolutely crucial to be met for the survival of my business this year.

2. Adopt a rescue dog from Dachshund Rescue Australia.  I'd ideally like to welcome he/she into our family sometime before the end of March, but only if I am able to achieve goal #1 above first.

It is my hope that by keeping my goals simple and directly related to both my immediate and long term happiness that I will be able to dedicate the right amount of time and focus needed in order to achieve them. :)

So what about you guys?  What are your goals/resolutions for the upcoming year?

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  1. Great goals and I hope you accomplish them and the dogs are so cute, hop you get one soon!

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale |

  2. what great goals!! how're you progressing on them? :D

    1. Fantastically actually, thank you! :D I've almost reached my third goal and I achieved my second goal mid way through February.. yay!



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