Our Five Year Anniversary / NYE Celebrations.

Happy new year everyone!  I hope you all had a lovely time celebrating what to me was a very short lived but jammed packed 2013. :)

I had originally planned to write this post yesterday morning following mine and B's fifth year anniversary (can you believe it?!) and new years eve celebrations, but unfortunately I spent most of yesterday lying on the floor sleeping and grumbling about feeling sick.  New years eve wasn't much better, in fact it was much worse, because we literally spent the entire day cleaning our old apartment and by the time we finally got home I appeared to have come down with a 24 hour bug or something because when B started cooking us a roast chicken dinner I couldn't be in the same room as the chicken without running to the bathroom wanting to throw up. :(  Needless to say, I didn't end up eating any dinner, which in turn made me feel even more terrible as that was meant to be our way of celebrating our anniversary on our currently very tight budget.  We couldn't even take a photo together as I was barely able to keep my eyes open and had passed out asleep by around 9pm.  Heck, we couldn't even celebrate with a glass of champagne!

Rather than skip writing this post altogether though, I figured I'd still share what happened as without nights like these we wouldn't have as strong of a relationship as we do at this very moment.  The kind of relationship that can withstand illness, boredom, financial struggles, disagreements of opinion.. because how else would we have been able to make it to the five year mark? :P

So how were your new year celebrations?  Do you also happen to share your anniversary with new years eve?

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