February Design Work!

Hey guys,

Can you believe it is the last day of February already?  I sure as heck can't!  It feels like just yesterday that I was moving into my new office, and now it's almost March.. crazy! :P  February has been incredibly hectic for me as we picked up a PUPPY mid way through the month (caps doesn't even begin to sum up my excitement haha!) so I may have fallen a little bit behind with finishing off design jobs, but thankfully my clients have been really understanding and incredibly sympathetic about my lack of sleep and impaired brain function. :)

If you're interested in seeing a post about the pros and cons of owning a puppy, or even just a post filled with photos of our newest addition, please let me know in the comments below as I would LOVE to write a post on this topic. :D

In the mean time, here are some pretty designs for you to look at from the month of February.  Links to each of these blogs can be found underneath their corresponding screenshots. :)  Enjoy!

Custom Blog Design for Kailee from Barbie and Pie

Custom Blog Design for Sarah from Enjoying the Epiphany

Custom Blog Design for Carrie from Carrie Jessup

Custom Logo Design for Samantha from Frame Your Life

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