Snap Happy Sunday // A jam packed weekend!

Happy Sunday guys!  I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend. :)  This week Ellie turned 13 weeks old and had another puppy play date with her new friends Natalie and Soda. She also attended her third puppy preschool lesson (only one more to go now!) and is currently learning how to lie down using the "drop" command (she's not exactly going so well with that one, ha!).  Then early Saturday morning our other new friends Emily and Texas invited Ellie and I along to visit an awesome place called The Dog Bakery. :D  We had such a lovely time at The Dog Bakery that I forgot to take some photos, but I will definitely be taking some next time I promise. :P

Shortly after getting back from The Dog Bakery my best friend from primary school and her partner came over with their handsome 6 month old boy, Xavier. :)  This was Ellie's first time meeting a little baby (next time she'll be meeting Lucas, eek!) and she was surprisingly well behaved.  She basically just sat there licking his hand, and even when Xavier was patting her on the head and sticking his fingers near her eyes/mouth she didn't try to nip at him.. maybe I should start acting more like a baby. ;)

Later Saturday evening, after my friend had gone home, mine and B's other good friends Adelie and Jim came over to check out our new place and finally meet little Ellie. :)  For Dinner I made everyone butter chicken from scratch, and for dessert Adelie made us all an assortment of different treats including key lime pie, snickers brownies, individual pavlovas topped with fresh fruit, scones with cream and berries, and strawberry/marshmallow skewers dipped in white chocolate and nuts.  It was even more delicious than it sounds, trust me! :P  She even made some teensy winsy banana cupcakes for Ellie made from banana and flour, hehe!  Adelie was also super kind to give us a random surprise housewarming gift of two original mason jar mugs with cute stripey straws!  Words cannot described how excited I got over this, haha!

Sunday was another very busy day for us, as Ellie and I woke up bright and early to head down to Brisbane for a play date with Schnitz and Clover.  This time my Mum joined us as well, along with Phoebe and Joey, and the five of them got on like a house on fire. :)  It's so strange to see how different the dachshund temperaments are according to the length of their hair.  The long haired dachshunds are a lot more relaxed and less attention seeking than the smooth haired dachshunds, which gets me really excited for our next sausage addition as we will 110% definitely be getting a long haired dachshund next time.  I've really got my heart set on an English cream dachshund (as many of you will already know!) but I also love the colour of Schnitz's fur as well, so as long as we can find one with lighter hair I will be more than happy! :P

Sunday afternoon was then spent at my cousins house celebrating my Uncle's birthday.. although admittedly Ellie stole most of the attention with her cute puppy antics.  After many puppy cuddles and Ellie's photoshoot on the foosball table (pictured above), we all sat down to a delicious barbecue lunch followed by fresh apple pie and ice cream.. it was simply amazing!

After dropping my Nana home, Ellie and I then went over to my other cousins house who was unfortunately under the weather at the time (and now I'm feeling sick, boo!) to get my hair coloured.  By the time she had finished it was already dark so I didn't bother to take any photos, but you will see what it looks like sometime soon I'm sure.  I basically went a dark brown/almost black shade to bring out my green eyes more and it definitely did that.  It also works really well with my yellowy/olive skin tone, so I think I may have found my perfect hair colour. :D

Wow!  That was a long post wasn't it?  If you managed to get through it all let me know in the comments! :P

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