101 goals in 1001 days recap.

My 101 things in 1001 days challenge ended on Sunday.  I can hardly believe that I've been blogging for that long, yet alone that it's been 1001 days since I first started the challenge.  I started the challenge as a bit of fun and to get me thinking about the future.  I never intended to cross off everything on my list, I just figured I would come back to it every few months for a bit of inspiration whenever I wanted to have a go at doing something new.

My list:

1. Write '101 things in 1001 days' list.
2. Write a detailed letter to my pen pal.
3. Finish creating a photo scrapbook for B.
4. Scan and save all family photos onto the computer.
5. Have my wisdom teeth removed.
6. Get a part time job.
7. Finish an assignment before the day it's due.
8. Have my eyesight retested.
9. Share my blog with my family and friends.
10. See Carl Barron live.
11. Learn to accept and love my body.
12. Sell/give away clothes that I no longer wear.
13. Purchase a full brimmed hat for teaching prac's.
14. Go on the lemon detox diet.
15. Finish my oversized bottle of fish oil capsules before their use by date.
16. Attend my 10 year primary school reunion.
17. Relieve B of mailbox duty for a month.
18. Grow my hair out to the top of my birth mark.
19. Dye my hair a caramel colour.
20. Once I grow my hair out, dye it a reddish dark brown colour.
21. Visit the Carrara Markets.
22. Graduate Uni with a GPA of at least 5.
23. Get my first aid certificate.
24. Send my supply teacher registration form to TAC.
25. Apply to TRACER
26. Find a part time job as either a tutor or a nanny.
27. Bake a malteser cake.
28. Make a list of five things that I like about myself.
29. Go out somewhere and actually dance.
30. Sell all of my hardly watched dvd's on ebay.
31. Try drinking tea again.
32. Try eating tomatoes again.
33. Try eating strawberries again.
34. Go to the doctors and ask to be tested for hypothyroid.
35. Make graphic and web design my full time job.
36. Become financially independent.
37. Re-sew a button onto a shirt.
38. Learn how to do my makeup properly.
39. Paint my nails at least once in every shade of colour that I own.
40. Make some new (local) friends.
41. Read '50 Shades of Grey'.
42. Go see a movie at the drive-in.
43. Attempt to drive a manual car.
44. Donate blood.
45. Get a tablet or an iPad.
46. Start a vegetable/herb garden.
47. Open up a 'Shop my closet' store.
48. Watch the television show called 'Felicity' (I wasn't allowed to watch it when I was a kid as it was always on past my bedtime). :P
49. Cook dinner for the whole family.
50. Blog daily for an entire month.
51. Host a giveaway on my blog.
52. Invite friends over for a game of pictionary.
53. Make my bed every day for a week.
54. Open up an etsy or storenvy shop.
55. Develop any rolls of film that my Mum still has.
56. Find a 'blog buddy'.
57. Start doing crosswords on a regular basis.
58. Write Dad a letter.
59. Tell B that I love him every day for the duration of the 1001 days.
60. Learn scriptive handwriting.
61. Go to the grocery store with a specific list of items every time during the 1001 days.
62. Design myself some business cards.
63. Start sending Christmas cards with "life updates" to those I still want in my life.
64. Cook a new recipe once every week for a month.
65. Spend a week without the Internet.
66. Go to dreamworld and try out the new 'tower of terror'.
67. Take a road trip interstate.
68. Start up my own blog design service.
69. Learn how to play poker.
70. Learn all of the functions on our new camera.
71. Purchase/revamp an old rustic desk.
72. Re-visit my sleep specialist and/or become med free.
73. Clean out my old stuff from Mum's place.
74. Have a go on a jet ski.
75. Go indoor rock climbing with B.
76. Learn bank account details off by heart.
77. Purchase a custom domain for my blog.
78. Read a chapter of the bible.
79. Purchase a correctly colour calibrated computer monitor.
80. Learn how to speed read.
81. Go for an entire week without straightening my hair or wearing make up.
82. Drive to a destination I've never driven to before without a GPS or refidex. 
83. Create and stick to a business budget for more than a month.
84. Help a complete stranger.
85. Bargain/barter with someone over the price of an item.
86. Introduce healthy recipes on the blog.
87. Learn basic geography.
88. Buy a sewing machine.
89. Sew a new dress for myself.
90. Change a flat tyre.
91. Go to the Gold Coast Show.
92. Visit a state I've never been to.
93. Reach 100/300/500/1000 GFC followers.
94. Buy a new car.
95. Get fully comprehensive car insurance.
96. Be earning more than $700 per week.
97. Eat clean.
98. Find and rent a 3 bedroom house or apartment that allows pets. 
99. Buy a long haired English cream miniature dachshund.
100. Walk the dog every day.
101. Get engaged.

How I did:

Completed 66/101 items.

Items I'm especially happy to have crossed off:

Graduating Uni with a GPA of at least 5.  I'm just happy to have graduated Uni full stop, but to get higher than a 5.0 GPA was a lovely added bonus. :)

Starting my own blog design service/Making graphic and web design my full time job.  It might not pay well at the moment (or ever), but I'm glad I decided to be proactive and follow a passion of mine.

Making some new local friends/Finding a "blog buddy".  I've only made one good friend since I moved here, and she has since moved away, but I am so glad to have found her when I did.  I've also made several blog buddies which is awesome. :D

Telling B I love him every day for the 1001 days.  This was a pretty easy but still a totally important one for me.

Finding and renting an apartment that allows pets.  If I didn't cross off this item we wouldn't have Ellie right now. :P

Items I wish I had crossed off:

Learning to accept and love my body.  Hmm.. no, not quite.

Buying a long haired English cream miniature dachshund.  Unfortunately this type of dachshund is very rare and expensive in Australia, so I'm going to have to wait until next year or the year after.

Getting engaged.  Clearly this was a silly item for me to put on my list as it was completely out of my control.  Still, getting engaged would have been nice. ;)

To be financially independent/Earning more than $700 a week.  At the moment I'm lucky to be making $300 a week, which isn't exactly ideal, but I guess that's what happens when you decide to start your own business from scratch.

Developing old rolls of film/Scanning old photographs onto the computer.  Unfortunately I just didn't have enough time to get around to doing this.  I did develop and scan a few old rolls of film, just not all of them.

Final thoughts:

Considering I wasn't overly serious about the challenge to begin with, I think I did pretty well.  I set out to have fun with the project and that's exactly what I did.  I'd definitely recommend this project to others. :)


  1. It's so nice you crossed out so many!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  2. I think you did really well! And saying I love you everyday is so sweet!
    Imogen's Typewriter. <3 

  3. You did brilliantly! I think this was a lovely idea and so good to look back and see progress. Maybe make a list of all those you didn't complete and see if you can achieve this in a longer timeframe - it's certainly not a 'failure'! I'm giving blood for the first time next week finally, so if you like you can cross that off for me ;)

    Wonderful idea. I feel rather inspired!

    Jo xx

    She Wears Burgundy

    1. Thanks lovely! I'm actually thinking of doing another 101 things list, but probably not for a while yet. :P

      Glad I was able to inspire you!


  4. ♥ Wow lovely blog you have, I was just browsing though & stumbled upon it - It's beyond beautiful with interesting posts. I'm following you via gfc now! Keep in touch x


  5. I think this is wonderful! You did great, too!


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