25 while 25.

Hey lovelies,

So following on from Thursdays post, here is my official list of the 25 things that I intend on doing before I turn 26 next year:

1. Find a second job working in retail (chemist, pet store, clothing store) to support myself as I build up my design business.

2. Be earning at least $700 per fortnight from my design business alone.

3. Get back down to 55kg.  It's going to be hard, but I know you can do it.

4. Buy a new car.

5. Get fully comprehensive car insurance.

6. Continue to grow my hair out.

7. Reach 500 followers on bloglovin' organically.  In other words, let your readers find you.

8. Buy a new, more comfortable, high quality computer chair.

9. Start making YouTube videos again.

10. Scan and save old photos from family albums onto the computer.

11. Go to the doctors and ask to be tested for hypothyroid.

12. Start a herb garden.

13. Develop any old rolls of film that my Mum still has.

14. Spend 3-4 days without the internet.  Preferably on a vacation.

15. Take a cooking class.

16. Take photos of Ellie and Lucas at Christmas time.

17. Read 'Dexter's Final Cut' that Mum gave me for Christmas.

18. Sort out the back garden, or at least the bushes along the side fence where Ellie keeps finding random food scraps.

19. Start wearing make up again.  You need to put more effort into your appearance.

20. Walk Ellie more often.  Clearly every day isn't going to happen, so aim for every second day.

21. Find new blogs to read and start commenting more often.

22. Buy a new, nice fitting, comfy pair of jeans.

23. Buy a decent video camera.

24. Buy an apple product, like an iPhone or a mac laptop.

25.  Create a '26 while 26' list.

Wish me luck and I'll let you know how I go this time next year!


  1. Love this!

    I should of done the same also when i turned 27 last week.

    You have a good list there, hope you get to achieve all of it!


  2. What a lovely list. Best of luck!

  3. SO cool! I think I'll have to work on a 27 while 27 list....ahh! lol :)

  4. I might do this! nice fitting jeans make you feel so good! and wear make up to make you happy! xo

  5. I really like these lists you do Hun, think I'm going to do one when I turn the dreaded 30 this year :) xx

    1. I'd love to read yours if you do. :) List making is so much fun!



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