Snap Happy Sunday // Ellie gets desexed!

Happy Sunday Mothers Day guys!  I hope you're all having a wonderful weekend with your Mums. :)

Speaking of motherhood, exactly ten days ago Ellie went into her local vet with the potential to one day be a mother, and seven hours later she came home with a cone of shame after having been desexed.  It sounds so horrible when worded like that, and I felt pretty horrible for doing it at the time, but it's so reassuring to know that she won't get knocked up by some random dog at the dog park in the future. :P

The poor little mite has been wearing this ugly cone of shame Elizabethan collar all week long, because the second we take it off she goes straight for her stitches.  Fortunately we're returning to the vet later on this afternoon to get her stitches taken out.. finally! :D

Have you ever taken your puppy to be desexed before?  Did you feel as guilty as I did?


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