The Birthday Post // My thoughts on turning 25!

Hey guys!

Today is a very special day for me as I have officially been alive for a quarter of a century.. crazy right?  It feels like just yesterday that I was an extremely awkward twelve year old girl scrawling the name of her Primary school crush on the inside of her clipboard, all whilst listening to Britney Spears and S Club 7 on repeat. :P  So am I having a quarter life crisis?  Not quite.  Although I have managed to come down with the flu which is making me feel like the world is ending (thanks for that B!). :P

A few years ago I shared a well thought out list of things I wanted to achieve before I turned thirty (read it here) and although there are a few things on that list that I don't mind not accomplishing, it's a little bit daunting to see that so far I've only managed to cross out four things from that list in total!  That being said, most of the big things I want to accomplish are things that are dependent on time, and they probably won't happen until I'm closer to the thirty mark anyway, but still.. wanting to have my first baby before I turn thirty gives me less than five years to ideally get engaged, get married, purchase our first home together, get settled, get pregnant.. yeah, daunting!

Anyway, enough about the future!  Instead how about we look over my 24 while 24 list that I prepared for myself around this same time last year? :)  I haven't taken a look at this list since I very first posted it, so it will be interesting to see whether or not I actually stuck to achieving these goals.

24 while 24

1. Expand my design business to include personalised invitations, business cards etc. 
Woohoo!  This is already looking promising. :D

2. Make graphic and web design my full time job. 
Done!  Made it official on September 26th, 2013.

3. Be earning more than $700 per week by the end of January.
Yeah, no.  Not by a long shot.  I'm in the process of putting my resume together again so I can look for a second job.

4. Move into a 3 bedroom house or apartment that allows pets, has air conditioning, modern appliances etc. 
Close enough.  A three bedroom place was slightly out of our budget, so we settled for a lovely two bedroom place instead which has all the space we need right now anyway.

5. Buy a long haired English cream miniature dachshund puppy. 
Ha, I wish!  This type of dachshund is so incredibly rare (and so darn expensive) that it will be the end of next year at the earliest before we can even look at getting one.  That being said, we ended up getting Ellie in February and I could not be happier with her. :)

6. Spend more time with our "couple" friends. 
Yes and no.  We did end up having some of our couple friends over for dinner, but nowhere near as often as I would have liked.

7. Spend more time with my childhood best friend, Jamie, and her soon-to-be-born son. 
Well, yes.  I've seen her twice since bub was born and I am seeing her again next month. :)

8. Achieve my current dream body at the gym, i.e., the starting of a six pack, tighter thighs and flab free arms.
HAH!  Pretty sure I quit the gym shortly after posting this list and have gained a tonne of weight since then after I became med free in December.

9. Continue to eat clean and stay away from alcohol.
I ate, and still do eat, a hell of a lot better than I ever did in the past, however I don't eat entirely clean anymore.  I also stayed away from alcohol for almost 9 whole months, but not long enough to be able to cross this goal off my list.  I still only rarely drink alcohol though.

10. Buy a new computer desk. 
Yep! and I love it. :)

11. Buy a new, high quality, university style computer chair.
Unfortunately I couldn't afford one.

12. Buy a new, correctly colour calibrated, desktop computer. 
Done!  Designing blogs for clients is so much easier now!

13. Find the perfect chicken curry pie recipe.
I'm beginning to think there isn't one. :(

14. Take B on a mini vacation when he finally gets some time off from working at the hospital.
Our "vacation" time consisted of moving house and visiting family for Christmas/Lucas's birth.  So yeah, not exactly quality relaxation time.

15. Reach 500 followers on bloglovin'.
Hmm.. not quite, not even close actually. :P

16. Start making Youtube videos again.
Yeah, no.

17. Finally sell or give away the clothes that I no longer wear. 
I made a few of my cousins and step siblings very happy. :)

18. Grow my hair out to the top of my birthmark by my next birthday.
I wish!

19. Buy a lottery ticket.
I simply did not have the money to blow on luxuries like this.

20. Donate blood.
Gah!  I fail as a human being.  Although I did actually get the whooping cough vaccine booster, so at least I managed to do something to help my fellow human.

21. Buy a new car.
Yeah, didn't happen.

22. Get fully comprehensive car insurance.
As above.

23. Get engaged to B.
Well there is always tonight, but truth be told, I'd rather get engaged when I'm not struggling to keep my head up from the flu. :P

24. Create a '25 while 25' list.
Hmm, not yet.  I will be posting this list tomorrow or the day after. :)

Well, it just goes to show that I clearly need to have my goals written out in front of me at all times if I have any hope of achieving them.  I barely managed to complete a third of the goals on my list, let alone half of them!  It's obviously all B's fault for failing to propose to me again.. just kidding! :P

Come back later this week to check out my '25 while 25' goals list. :)

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  1. Happy 25th Birthday Felicity! I hope all your dreams and wishes come true this year :) x x x

  2. hahaha. Love the list idea. I used to write lists when I was younger and I would just end up disappointed at my failure to achieve them... so no more lists for me. But in my head I always have an idea of what I want to achieve... I make my lists a little bit more reachable so I don't get down about how much I suck. That being said you have achieved a lot and a lot of the stuff on your list takes time and money.
    As for having a baby before 30 trust me that wasn't my goal but hey.... it happened. When I was 25 I had no idea where I would be in 5 years... 5 years is actually a really long time. Now I have an almost 12 month old, having my second in September (I don't turn 30 until March next year), got engaged, bought a house (well... a brand-new 3br town hour), Lived in Indonesia for 18 months, travelled to the US, Europe, Asia... Finally started a blog... that only took me 3-4 years to work the courage up to do it... and soon I'll be achieving more and all before I'm 30. So trust me when I say that you just never know where life will lead, just ride it hard when good opportunities present themselves! xxx

    1. Wow! You've certainly done a lot of living all before turning 30 haven't you? You can't be unhappy with you've achieved that's for sure. :) My life has been SO slow and boring up until this point (it still is kind of) so I'm hoping that things will only get better from here. I've never traveled overseas and would really like to do so before I'm 30, even just once. I don't care if I never go overseas again either.. I'd just like to know that I've been there and done that haha. :P


  3. Happy Belated Birthday!

    S Club 7! Ah I loved them!!!!!!!! Hehee


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