A day at the dog park!

Today was a public holiday here in Australia, so when a bunch of local dachshund owners arranged a last minute play date at the dog park I just couldn't say no, despite how much design work I'm already falling behind with.. woops!  I'm so glad we went though as Ellie had such a wonderful time and really came into her own.  She just loves being around other dachshunds. :D

In case you couldn't tell, Ellie is the smallest dachshund running around in a light purple harness.  Her legs look so long next to the other snags, but that's just because her chest hasn't dropped fully yet.  She's definitely a 'true' mini dachshund though, that's for sure.  I'd be surprised if she ends up weighing more than 4kg as an adult. :P

So what did you guys get up to yesterday/over the weekend?  :)


  1. Ah I love these cuties! I have a little mini daschund too, Lexi :)

    Life's a highway

    1. Oh my gosh! I just checked out your blog and when I saw your welcome portrait I couldn't help but squeal! They are seriously the best dogs out aren't they? :P


  2. Oh my gaaad they are so cute!!

    Catherine xx

  3. awwwwww I am such a dog lover, they are sooooo cute

  4. Oh my, these are so cute x

  5. Mostly I would walk them on lead, but every now and then when you thought they have been good enough you are tempted to let them off the lead and have to watch them VERY closely.
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