June Design Work!

I know I say this every month but I seriously can't believe the month of June is over already!  It was my birthday at the end of May and to me it feels like maybe a week or two has passed since then - certainly not a whole month though!

Anyway, during this time I was fortunate enough to work with some amazing new and old clients of mine, and to finish off almost all of my current design projects before the end of the financial year (which for me is today).  Who else with a tax debt wants everything business related wrapped in a neat little package before June 30th so that they can do their taxes on the 1st?  Just me?  Okay then. :P

Custom Blog Design for Maria from Mummy Goes Mad

One of the design projects I worked on throughout most of this month was a custom blog, facebook and google + page design for an amazing new Australian lifestyle/mummy blogger by the name of Maria.  Rather than simply giving you a brief overview of the design process, I thought I would point you in the direction of this incredibly detailed blog post that Maria posted earlier this week outlining the entire process step by step (there may even be a discount for you guys!).  I didn't ask her to write this post, she did so out of the kindness of her heart and from her willingness to help out and be open and honest with her readers.  Needless to say, the blog design I created for her is flipping awesome!  I don't usually tend to toot my own horn but this is definitely a design that I am openly proud of. In fact, I love this design so much that it is a big part of my inspiration for my own upcoming blog redesign that I will be implementing later next month.  Think lots of white space, subtle pops of glitter, clear and easy to read fonts, updated about me sections/pages, and hopefully.. a whole new writing style!  Enough about me though.. if you haven't already, I urge you to go and check out Mummy Goes Mad to see this beautiful design live in all its glory!  Oh, and tell Maria that I said hello. ;)

Custom Blog Design for Catherine from You Wish You

If you've been following my monthly design showcase posts for a while now (and I know some of you have!), then you'll know that I have worked with Catherine on the design for her awesome blog You Wish You before.  This time around though Catherine wanted to work together with an illustrator to create the perfect watercolour portrait of herself that would match the overall theme of her blog for me to incorporate into her new header.  Ella Smethurst, a talented Australian artist from Melbourne, Australia (yay! fellow Aussie!) was the illustrator Catherine chose to work with, and oh my gosh was she the perfect choice.  Her portrait of Catherine was absolutely stunning and matched the design I had already started creating for her perfectly.  The blog design is soft and airy, very girly and just down right pretty.. definitely one that you guys need to check out live!

Custom Blog Design for Laura from My London Dream

In case you guys hadn't worked this out already, I am not illustrator by any means.  I have a few amazing illustrator contacts that I like to recommend to my clients, but every once in a while when I feel like I am up to it, I like to take on the challenge of creating blog design graphics myself.  This was one of those blog designs.  Laura, a talented lifestyle/travel blogger from England, wanted me to create a silhouette for her header of a London cityscape/skyline. It took me forever to find the right stock photo to use but once I'd found it the rest of the process came pretty naturally to me.  The finished look of the design is very sleek, clean and minimalist, and easy to read and navigate.  If you'd like to see it live, you can see it live here.

Custom Blog Design for Ellen from The Beauty PR

There are two main styles of blog designs that I love to create - clean and simple, and soft and girly.  This blog design that I created for Ellen from The Beauty PR is the perfect blend of both of these styles.  Ellen wanted soft pinks, greys and lots of white space to be used.  She also wanted a simple and girly/chic appearance.  What do you guys think?  Did I deliver? :)

Custom Blog Design for Karina from Blog da Karina Hassen

The last blog design I have to show you guys this month is another sleek and clean design for the gorgeous Karina from Blog da Karina Hassen.  Karina left most of this design up to me after sending me a few examples of the kind of blog designs she likes, which were classy and chic, and this was what I came up with.  I'm pretty obsessed with glitter at the moment so I decided to include a few glitter touches.  Karina really seemed to like the glitter and told me to run with it and make her design beautiful, and that's what I (hopefully) did.  What do you reckon?  Is this design classy, chic and beautiful?

If you guys are interested in working with me in July/August, feel free to send me an email to felicity@pursuitoffelicitydesigns.com and let's see what we can come up with! :D

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  1. Love it all Felicity! I must say my fav is the first one :P bahaha. I am loving so many of the elements you have incorporated in each one. The second one with all it's girliness is so darn cute. The glitter accents rock and that silhouette of Big Ben is awesome. Very well done!! I can't wait to see your new design for your own blog and website and all the fab work you create for the following month! xx


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