Where I am right now. An insight into my life.

I know it's been a while since I last did a blog post.  I don't really have an excuse for it either, other than being preoccupied and feeling generally uninspired.  That was until a very kind client and new friend of mine, Maria, decided to give me a wake up call in more ways than one (I'll explain more in a few weeks time) and helped me to realise what I needed to do to get my passion back.

To cut a very long story short, I'm going to be shaking things up a bit - both online and in real life.  It's not going to be something that happens overnight, so hopefully I'll be able to take you guys along on this journey with me. :)  In the mean time though, I thought it might be fun to share a few details of what I've been getting up to lately and what I expect to be doing over the next few months..

Photo taken by my Mum and edited by Maria.

What I've been up to:

  • Taking lots of photos of Ellie.  B and I are pretty much obsessed right now.  She even has her own instagram account which currently has more followers than mine, lol.
  • Watching old episodes of my favourite soap opera Passions on YouTube.  The quality is pretty shit, but the nostalgia and butterflies are still there.  Theresa and Ethan all the way!
  • Doing lots and lots of design work.  Most of which is still unfinished, however I'll be able to show you some of the designs in my end of the month showcase in the next few days. :)
  • Attending dachshund meet ups.  I swear Ellie has a better social life than I do.
  • Hanging out with my friends Katie and Bianca more than usual and actually going out and doing things together (kind of a big deal for me!).

What I'll be getting up to:

  • Taxes.  I plan on getting them over and done with on the 1st of July, but definitely no later than the 3rd. This is my first time doing my taxes as a small business owner and I'm desperate (and nervous) to know how much money I owe.
  • Visiting my Dad and his fiance Judy, my two step sisters and (most importantly) my baby brother Lucas. He'll be 6 months old on the 9th of July so it will be pretty surreal to see how much he has grown since the last time I was up in Toowoomba.
  • Depending on how big (or small) my tax bill is, I'd also like to go away on a short holiday to Mackay to visit two of my besties, Anita and Jaana.
  • Rebranding my blog, design business and social media to be more inspiring and a better representation of ME.
  • Finding out where B, Ellie and I will be moving to next year for B's medical internship. We're hoping to be placed somewhere in Brisbane, but Ipswich, Toowoomba and even as far north as Townsville are also on the cards.
  • Looking for a permanent part time, or even a full time job, to give me some secure income as I build up my design business.

I feel like there is so much more that I'm forgetting to tell you guys, but I guess I've told you enough for now anyway.

I'd love to hear what you guys have been getting up to in the comments below.  I feel like I don't ask about you guys enough, and I'd love to get to know my readers a bit better. :)


  1. So much going on :) I can't believe you have a 6 month old baby brother!!! How cute!!! Sounds like you have some great things to look forward to like a potential holiday and a move. Moving is exciting. Scary but it's something new.
    I'm building and enjoying writing my little blog. Taking care of my boy. Getting too pregnant to be bothered going anywhere so we are spending a lot of time at home. Waiting for the next three month to fly so I can meet my second little man. Saving money which sucks... have spent way too much the last few months. That's pretty much it... :)


    1. I know right, me neither! He feels more like a nephew than a brother because of the huge age difference. :P I'm really looking forward to the move as well. Change has always been kind to me in one way or another. :) You're so lucky to be expecting your second baby boy and to be in a position to be a stay at home Mum. Having kids is the one single thing I know for sure that I really want to do with my life, and to be able to stay at home and raise them for at least the first few years of their life would be absolute bliss to me. I know I might change my mind about that once I'm actually a Mother but I very much doubt it. :) I'm also looking forward to watching you grow along your new blogging journey.. you're a natural!


  2. You've been super busy :) and it's been great hanging out more lately! We should definitely do this Topshop shop after tax and we both know where we're sitting. I hope you guys move to Brissie not more further away! And it's crazy that Lucas is 6 mths! Time has flown xxx

    1. Yes, definitely! I'm just waiting on my last PAYG summary and then I'll know how big my tax bill is. :) I hope we move to Brissie too, although a part of me wouldn't mind moving to Toowoomba so I can watch Lucas grow up. Either way I will still make an effort to visit you.. even if we move up to Townsville lol. I hope you are well and look forward to catching up again soon!



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