July + August Design Work!

I forgot to write a post about my design work last month, so today you're getting two months worth. I've been fortunate enough to work with lots of talented bloggers lately, and it's been an honour to have these ladies put their trust in my design skills.

Custom Blog Design for Niomi from Niomi Smart

One of the biggest design jobs I worked on recently was for the lovely blogger and YouTuber, Niomi Smart.  Niomi wanted a complete overhaul and a new logo design as she was wanting to consolidate her branding across each of her social media platforms.  Together we came up with the idea for a simple but stylish line drawing of a red stiletto shoe - the perfect touch for what would have otherwise been a completely monochrome design.  My favourite part about this design would probably be the custom font we used for her header as it just ties everything together so perfectly. :)

Custom Blog Design for Sophia from Sophia Meola

I'd been wanting to work with Sophia Meola for the longest time (because I already loved her blog and knew I could make it even prettier), so I was delighted when out the blue she randomly got in touch with me to ask if I could give her blog a bit of a face lift.  Sophia wanted to keep her header image as it was so I decided to base the colour scheme off that, but she also wanted a lot more white space and touches of subtle rose gold glitter.  I had so much fun working on her design and I think the results speak for themselves.

Custom Blog Design for Roxy from Roxy I Am

Another blog design I had a blast working on was for a brand spanking new blogger by the name of Roxy.  Roxy has a lot of personality which she wanted to come across in her design, so I set myself to work on one of the most challenging yet rewarding designs I've created yet.  Check it out live by clicking the link above and let me know what you think!

Custom Blog Design for Angie from Angie Loves This

Custom Blog Design for Kerri-Anne from Notebook of Beauty

One of my favourite styles of designs to work on is simple, feminine and whimsical.  Both of the blog designs pictured above ticked this box for me and were an absolute pleasure to create.  Angie wanted her design to be bright and happy with pastel pinks and mint greens, whilst Kerri-Anne wanted her design to be timeless and elegant.  In the end both designs turned out beautifully. :)

Custom Blog Design for Peta from Trainee Mama

About a week ago I was contacted by the beautiful Peta who I have worked together with previously, wanting me to give her blog design an overall pick-me-up.  She wanted to keep her current header image (which happens to be designed by my talented friend Lauren from Tastes Like Love) so I based the colour scheme, fonts etc. around the header as well as Peta's spunky personality.  I really love how this design turned out and hope you guys like it too!

Custom Blog Design for Nicole from Seeking Victory

Yet another design I created based around an existing header image (this time by Lou Endicott) was for the lovely Nicole.  Nicole wanted me to continue the header colour scheme into the rest of her design, as well as touches of the grapevine theme.  Once again I was really happy with how this design turned out. :)

Custom Blogger Based Website Design for Pursuit of Felicity Designs

Last but not least, I redesigned my blog design website!  It's been a long time coming but I finally put aside the time I needed to give my website the revamp it so desperately needed.  Everything on my website I designed and illustrated myself (unlike my previous logo that was designed by my good friend Lauren) - I even took the photo that is featured on the homepage (my office doesn't always look that perfect in case you were wondering).  I am super chuffed with the finished result and am no longer embarrassed to show my website off - let's face it, my last design wasn't the best example of my work!

So what do you guys think?  Which design is your favourite this time?

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  1. Gorgeous work as always :) I may be emailing you soon :) x

    Catherines Loves

  2. The work of a clearly experience designer. And how did you get their screenshots into a Mac desktop "frame"? Way cool ;)


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