Snap Happy Sunday // Dad's 50th Birthday Party!

This blog post is dedicated to my Dad (and my Uncle) who turned the big 5-0 today.  For the first and only time in our lives he is officially twice my age!  I actually didn't see my Dad today but I saw him last weekend for his official birthday party and again last night for his twin brothers' birthday party.  The reason they didn't just have one big combined party is because they don't actually live that close to each other, but that just meant more cake for everyone so we weren't about to complain haha!

The following photos were taken at my Dad's birthday party.  It was a freezing cold, windy, raining Winters day in Toowoomba, and my Dad's birthday party had been set up outside under a couple of marquees.  For this reason I didn't get the camera out much except to take photos of Lucas chewing on a biscuit and Dad blowing out the candles on his cake.

7 month old Lucas chomping down on a biscuit.
Such a cutie!
Dad blowing out his candles.
Lucas back inside keeping warm and having another feed.
Woot woot! Partyyy!

These next two photos were taken last night at my Uncle Wayne's birthday party.  We didn't arrive until quite late in the evening so the lighting wasn't the greatest.  For this reason we didn't take many photos again last night either.  We did manage to snap a proper family shot with my Dad, his partner and all us kids though, so we were pretty happy with that!

L-R: My brother Mitchell, Stepmum Judy, Baby Lucas, Dad (in the back), Stepsister Lexi, Stepsister Abby, B (in the back) and Me.
Uncle Wayne and my Dad cutting their birthday cake.
All in all we had a lovely time at both parties.  It's so great when the whole family can get together. :)

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