Snap Happy Sunday // Mount Tamborine.

Given that the iconic Tamborine Mountain is only half an hour away from where we currently live, B and I have finally decided to start making the most of this before we move to Townsville in the new year. For our first trip up there together we thought it would be nice to take my Mum along (she loves Mount Tamborine), go for a walk through one of the rainforests and then stop off at a little cafe for some lunch/afternoon tea.

At the end of the day we all had a lovely time, however since we foolishly made the mistake of bringing Ellie along, we were really rather limited with the things that we could do.  Rather than let this spoil our day out, we decided to break the rules a bit and sneak Ellie into one of the rainforest walks by hiding her in my bag.  She was such a good girl and sat in my bag very quietly just enjoying being carried around.

Next time B and I will probably go up by ourselves and check out the rainforest skywalk or possibly even go on a hike.  There's so much to choose from really. :)

Have you ever been to Mount Tamborine before?  What was your favourite thing to do there?

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