Recent Stationery Purchases.

It's not very often that I go shopping for stationery as let's be honest - the cute stuff is bloody expensive, but when I heard that Kikki K and Typo had finally gotten their butts into gear and started stocking some dachshund related items I busted out the Christmas savings fund quicker than you can say "sausage dog!".

The first couple of items I picked out are Christmas presents for my Mum as she is also a very crazy dachshund lady.  I got her a pink A5 notebook with a cute tan sausage dog with a balloon tied to its tail on the cover (which reminds me of my new design website logo) and some magnetic page markers in the shape of both a cat and a dachshund for her to use as bookmarks.

From the same Kikki K range I also purchased a dachshund/cat themed to-do list pad with alternating colours and designs.  I plan to use this for my design work by writing my clients names in the "for" section at the top, then listing the elements of each design job and ticking them off as I go.

A week after purchasing the previously mentioned items I headed back to the shops to pick up this gorgeous resin dachshund pencil sharpener from Typo for only $5 - bargain!  While I was at the shops I decided to head back to Kikki K and pick up the adhesive notes set in the same theme as before as I thought they would come in handy when we move house in January.  I plan on using them to stick on certain items to remind me of which drawers or cupboards they belong in.

Last but not least I also picked myself up a new weekly planner for 2015.  I just couldn't go past this A6 spiral "motivational" diary (which is cheaper if you purchase it online) as not only was it in my current favourite colour (lilac) with gorgeous metallic gold lettering, but it was also set out exactly the way I wanted it, plus it was filled with tonnes of motivational sayings as well.  I plan on wrapping it up today and giving it to myself as a Christmas present as I'm obviously not going to be needing it before then.

Which one of my stationery purchases was your favourite?  Have you already started your Christmas shopping like me?

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  1. Aw how cute! I absolutely love them and suits your personality beautifully :)

  2. Everything is just so cute!

    xx, Be || lovefrombe

  3. I need to go stationary shopping! I love buying new notes and notebooks and pens and stickers and clips and cases and get the idea haha! I wish I could find kikki k in the UK, their organisers look amazing!

    Sarah :)
    Saloca in Wonderland

  4. Your diary and to-do list are definitely my favourite purchases! Lovely finds!

    Ioanna |

  5. I LOVE Kikki.K, I wish I could buy more from there but realistically I won't use half of the stuff because I'm one of those impractical thinking people that buys cute stuff and never uses it because 'just incase'. But I do like to stock my notebook stash from there. And we always suss out Typo if we're in a decorating dilemma! Good buys! x


  6. Love everything you purchased! So cute!! xx

  7. The first couple of items I picked out are Christmas presents for my Mum as she is also a very crazy dachshund lady. ac repair denver

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