Our Current Unit Tour // Part 3 - Bed + Bathroom.

I wish I could say that our bedroom is so boring because we're super minimalist and don't care for fancy things, but the truth is we are simply too strapped for cash (and time) to do anything exciting with the space. Our unit was also freshly painted when we first moved in and since we didn't know how long we'd be living here we decided not to hang anything up on the walls (with the exception of the gorgeous 3 part painting seen in our living area), hence why there isn't a nice mirror above the dressing table. I kind of like having a simple bedroom though as I feel that it encourages sleep.

Since taking these photos the other day I have actually folded up Ellie's crate and put it away in the cupboard as she wasn't really using it anymore except to tear up her bedding and to use it as way to get on top of the dresser and chew on things. The defining moment that made me pack up the crate was actually when she grabbed my favourite bra and tore it clean in half. :(

When we move into our new place I'm hoping to move all of this old furniture into the spare bedroom for when our family flies up to visit us, and then buy all white/simple furniture for our bedroom. Ben claims to hate white furniture (although he puts up with it just fine) so I'm going to have to buy it all myself, but I have a feeling it will totally be worth it. There is just something about white, cream and neutral colours that screams "bedroom" to me! :)

My apologies for the crappy quality and lack of photos of our bathroom, but our bathroom is super tiny and impossible to photograph well. We're lucky enough to have both a shower and bathtub though - not that we ever use the bathtub as it's always full of dirty clothes!

Given how tiny the bathroom is I'm actually pretty impressed with how I've utilised the open space for displaying certain items. We do have a tiny medicine cabinet beside the sink, but that really only fits the ugly/personal items such as tampons and dental floss.

My favourite open storage items are: the mug I use to hold my hair brushes, the white plant/storage pot from Ikea that I use to hold my make up brushes, the clear glass jar with a bird handle for storing cotton balls, and the cream coloured napkin holder that I use to store my eyeshadow palettes. :)

Stay tuned for the final part of this series tomorrow where I will be showing you guys my office space!

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  1. Love the sheets on your bed. Patterns and bright colours are awesome :) Love this tour! You should do a tour around where you live (if you haven't done it)... like your fav places so we call all see and read about it. xx

    1. I actually got that quilt cover from Kmart for like $15.. Kmart is awesome haha! I'll definitely do a tour like that once we move to Townsville but where we live at the moment isn't really all that exciting. :P That reminds me.. I'm really looking forward to reading your future posts about Belgium!



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