Snap Happy Sunday // Dachshund Christmas Party!

The last time B and I attended the Brisbane Dachshunds Annual Christmas party we were attending with my Mum and Brother and our family dachshund, Phoebe. When I shared photos on the blog I also shared my hope that the next time we attended we would be attending with a miniature dachshund all of our own.. and this time we did. :D

Ellie the elf and I getting into the Christmas spirit.
We picked Ellie's outfit up for $5 from our local cheap shop.
True love.
Ellie and Phoebe opening their secret Santas.
Ellie was lucky enough to score a new toy and some yummy treats!
When Mum was helping Phoebe and Joey to open their secret Santas, this random dachshund ran out of nowhere and jumped on Mums lap trying to steal the squeaky toys haha!
Since we're moving to Townsville soon we probably won't get the chance to go to another Brisbane Dachshunds party for quite a few years (sad face), but we've already joined the Townsville Dachshunds group so hopefully we'll be attending their Christmas party instead.

It is also my hope that next year we'll be attending with TWO miniature dachshunds of our own. ;)

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