Snap Happy Sunday // Lucas at 10 months old.

On Thursday this week B and I headed up to Toowoomba to visit our families. This meant spending quality time with my baby brother Lucas and taking lots of photos to share on the blog.

Lucas and my step-sister Abby

Lucas is currently 10 months old, starting to talk (I'm sure it will be many years before he can say 'Felicity' though) and he is almost on the verge of starting to walk. He can crawl like a champ and is scaling the furniture like a mad man, so I wouldn't be surprised if he is walking by Christmas.

My favourite photos from the trip were these ones B took of Lucas in the bath. He absolutely loves the water and couldn't get enough of me pouring water over his head. His constant giggling was so infectious and made me want a baby even more than I already do. :)

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  1. I currently have baby envy! He's cute as a button. Lucas and Abby look adorable in that pic. : )

    Carly's Beauty World


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