An update on the move, work, life in Townsville, etc.

The photos throughout this post were taken on our very first day in Townsville last week. We arrived Monday morning, at approximately 8.30am, and headed straight for The Strand where we managed to capture some photos of this incredible view. After our 13 hour drive the day before, and our 4 and a half hour drive earlier that morning, a nice long walk along The Strand was exactly what we needed.

To be perfectly honest, the drive was nowhere near as bad as we had allowed people to build it up to be in our minds. Yes, we were driving in my '93 model barina with no air conditioning in the middle of Summer, but leaving at 3am and keeping the windows wound down meant that it really only got hot around Midday - and at that point we only had 4 hours left to go until we arrived at the place we were staying overnight, so it wasn't that big of a deal.

As you can see, Ellie loved 'The Strand'.
Anyway, after we'd taken a few photos we drove across town (a whole 15 minutes!) to pick up the keys to our new house. As we first drove into our new suburb we were immediately blown away at how well kept the area was, the large streets, etc. We knew we were moving into a new build suburb, but we were still quite surprised to see such bright green grass everywhere in such a hot climate (we've since discovered that all of the properties have an inbuilt irrigation system!).

As for our house, well it was even more beautiful and spacious than it appeared in the pictures on the real estate website. It has such a luxurious feel to it with the high ceilings, colour scheme, modern architecture, etc., to a point where it almost feels like we are living in a hotel. To say that we are in love with our new place is an understatement. I literally wake up every morning and feel truly blessed.

Ellie enjoying her new front yard. :)

Our furniture didn't arrive until Wednesday morning so we spent the next two nights sleeping on a blow up mattress. We didn't really mind though, and we kept ourselves busy by going out to lunch, visiting our new puppy (eeep!), neighbours, etc.

Since our furniture arrived we've unpacked pretty much everything (except for my clothes haha!), visited all of the major shopping centres to drop off my resume, gone on morning walks with Ellie every single day, and gotten back into the habit of preparing healthy and wholesome meals.

This morning I found out that there is more than likely going to be a position available for me at one of the nearby supermarkets. I'm going in tomorrow morning to meet some of the staff and hopefully find out more about the position and when I can start. Moving 17+ hours away to a new town without a job lined up was very scary for me (I felt "the fear" as Joey and Chandler would say), so I've basically got all of my fingers and toes crossed that this new job will work out for me. It's only a part time position, but that just means I'd still have plenty of time to work in my design business (which is open again in case you guys were wondering), and hopefully pick up a few days of relief teaching work here and there.

I feel like I have so much more to tell you guys but I think I should probably leave it there for now. If you have any questions about the move or even Townsville itself, please leave them in the comments section below and I will answer them as best I can. :)

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  1. Good luck with the move Felicity, Townsville is a lovely town!

    1. Thanks Mandy! The move went very smoothly and we are settling in well. :)


  2. Absolutely beautiful photos!

  3. How exciting ! Everything sounds like it's working out great for you 3 :) especially the bit about a a new puppy :o


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