Goals for 2015.

As you will probably know by now if you are a long term follower of my blog, my first post at the beginning of each new year is generally always a previous years goals recap and a declaration of my goals for the year ahead. This year is no different, and I have thought long and hard about the main things that I would like to achieve this year.

Before we begin though, here is a quick recap on last years goals:

1. Be earning at least $250 from my design business every week by the end of March, and at least $300 every week by the end of September.

- While there are some weeks where I am earning $300 or more from my business, there are still weeks where I am earning next to nothing, and as a result I have had to get a second job in order to keep myself afloat. Truth be told, I just can't see myself earning as much as I would ideally like to be from my design business, or at least not in the immediate future.

2. Adopt a rescue dog from Dachshund Rescue Australia.  I'd ideally like to welcome he/she into our family sometime before the end of March, but only if I am able to achieve goal #1 above first.

- Okay, so Ellie wasn't exactly a rescue dog, however we were put in touch with her breeder through DRA and encouraged to purchase her to stop her being snapped up by a puppy farm. I do realise she could have been snapped up by anyone (and not just a puppy farm) at the price she was being sold for, but at the end of the day we made the right decision for us and we couldn't be more happy to have welcomed Ellie into our family.

When coming up with this years goals I decided to take the success of last years goals into account and came up with the following:

1. Bring home a baby fur-brother for Ellie before the end of April so that she has someone to keep her company while B and I are at work. This puppy doesn't need to be a rescue dog, he simply needs to be the right fit for our family.

2. Find myself a decent paying job, whether that be casual or full time, separate from my design business. Making sure to keep my design business going in the background.

3. Make the time to explore Townsville and appreciate this wonderful tourist spot for everything it has to offer. Whether that be trying out new restaurants, going for hikes during the Winter months, or scuba diving during Summer - I want our time spent here to be a time we will remember with fondness in years to come.

What are some of your goals for 2015? I'd love for you to link up your own goals posts in the comments. :)

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  1. I hope you manage to achieve your goals! theres nothing better than setting a goal and actually seeing it through to the end. happy 2015! id love it if youd comment back http://www.amyelizabethfashion.com/2015/01/topshop-beauty-haul.html xx

  2. Great goals - very balanced! Best wishes for the year ahead!

  3. Good luck with the move and the year. I think I might get you to do up my media pack.

    1. Thanks Peta! That would be lovely! Feel free to get in touch by email at any stage. :)



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