Snap Happy Sunday // Nala at 6 and a half weeks.

Can you believe there are only 6 more sleeps until we officially welcome Nala into our family? It feels like only yesterday that we found out she was born, and now she's almost ready to come home. I just hope the next 6 days (5 and a half technically, but who's counting?) go by as quickly as the past few weeks.

Nala and her new big sister Ellie
Not best friends just yet!

On Friday night B and I were invited over for a barbecue dinner at Nala's breeders house, which is when these photos were taken. Given the time of day the photos didn't turn out the greatest due to lighting, but you get the general idea - Nala is freaking adorable! She hasn't changed much since we saw her at the 5 week mark (which I documented on instagram) but she's definitely gotten bigger and is a bit more adventurous and playful.

While we were at the barbecue we also got the chance to meet Nala's Dad who just happens to live next door. His name is Duncan and he is an all over tan miniature which is where Nala gets her colouring from (her Mum, Remy, is a black and tan like Ellie). Duncan is a more traditional miniature dachshund like our Ellie in that he has a very trim figure and slightly longer legs than your more typical miniature dachshund that you see today. I'm pretty certain Nala is going to have the shorter legs though and be a bit more stocky and bigger all over than Ellie is currently. Nala also has this random black stripe that goes right down her back which I like to think comes from her Mother as well.

Nala and her sister Indy

Our gorgeous sleepy sausage

I don't want to jinx myself by saying this, but I already have the feeling that Nala is going to be an absolute delight and all around dream dog to raise into adulthood. There's just something about her temperament that tells me she is going to be a lot more sociable and laid back than Ellie was/is. Hopefully together the two of them will bring out the best in each other and they'll become the best of friends. :)

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  1. She's so cute and can't wait until you bring her home.

    Jackie | fashionxfairytale | bloglovin' |

  2. Oh my God, she is absolutely beautiful! Look at little Ellie's face on those photographs too :) I'm sure they will be best friends soon :) x x

  3. She is soooo cute! I want to cuddle her :-)

  4. Nala and Indy, my heart is melting. A black stripe is unusual, but quite a nice link to her mother! Too sweet.

    Sammy xo.

  5. Oh my goodness Felicity, she is ADOOOORABLE! She will make the cutest little friend for Ellie :) xx

    Jessie | allthingsbeautiful-x

    1. Thanks hun! I hope she and Ellie will hit it off in time. :)



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