Life Update + Calling All Blog Designers!

There's always someone who shuts their eyes, haha!
Hey guys! Well, I'm back from my holiday.. that's if you could even call it a holiday considering how busy we were! I mean not only did we drive down and back with puppies in the car, but we also stayed with family (first with my Mum and then with my Dad and Stepmum) which meant having to pull our weight more than we would have liked. Having said that, it was great to catch up with everyone again since our big move to Townsville in January. We even managed to get a new family photo taken with our new furbaby addition, which even though it is slightly out of focus and Ellie has her eyes shut, I still love more than words. :)

Another reason I am grateful for this holiday is because it gave me some time to think about my life, and my business in particular. I came to the realisation that as much as I want to be able to grow my business by learning to design for wordpress, I also want time to enjoy my life and to appreciate the here and now. I'm not saying I don't want to design for wordpress eventually, but for the next 6 months at least I just don't see this being on the cards. This is where you guys come in...

If any of you are/know of a blog designer who specialises in custom wordpress designs, please send me an email to: so that we can discuss the possibility for business collaboration. I have been getting a huge amount of emails requesting custom wordpress designs of late, and rather than turn these potential clients away or referring them to a designer that I don't even know, I'd love to be able to refer them someone who I know is just as passionate about custom blog designing as I am.

If you think this is a good idea then please share this blog post! Thank you. :D

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