Officially over the hill.

Me a couple of weeks ago. :)

This morning I woke up on my 26th birthday with a feeling I can only describe as 'hope'. Hope that today would be this extra special birthday, and that I would be so preoccupied with super exciting things that I wouldn't have the chance to reflect on my life so far and acknowledge the fact that I am getting older. Within half an hour of waking up however, I found myself feeling irrationally sad and moody, and even started tearing up a bit. The truth is, I actually don't mind getting older at all. In fact, I'm still that young girl that just wants to grow up and get married and be a Mummy.

I know this sounds ridiculous as I'm only 26, but for me birthdays have always been a reminder of how little of what I want has been achieved within a certain amount of time (probably because I insist on writing stupid to-do lists like the one at the end of this post). Up until now though, 25 and under had still felt so young, and so I didn't really allow such thoughts to get to me that much. Waking up this morning though I found myself aching for the next big adventure, and when I wasn't handed it on a silver platter I guess I felt kind of cheated - even though I know the next big adventure is just around the corner.

I'm probably doing a terrible job at explaining how I'm feeling, but I figured I'd let it out here anyway. I'm not even sure if many people read my blog anymore, so this is kind of like writing in a diary for me. Hopefully now that I've gotten this off my chest I will be able to enjoy the rest of my birthday. Today is my day off work so I'm taking this morning to pamper myself (read: washing my hair and shaving my legs!) before going out to choose a gorgeous new dress to wear to my birthday dinner tonight. I also need to bake myself a birthday cake as no one else is going to do that for me now that I'm over the hill (ha!).

Anywho, this wouldn't be a birthday blog post if I didn't include my 25 while 25 list that I wrote up last year and crossed off some of the things I managed to achieve. I know these lists are only setting myself up for disappointment in the year to follow, but I still find them to be a great way to look back on how much I have grown in the past 12 months.

25 while 25

1. Find a second job working in retail (chemist, pet store, clothing store) to support myself as I build up my design business. ✓
Woohoo! Something important that I actually managed to achieve. I may not be working in a pet store or clothing store, but I'm actually glad that I ended up working in a much more fast paced working environment as it makes the days go quicker.

2. Be earning at least $700 per fortnight from my design business alone.
Sadly not by a long shot, hence the job in retail. I almost don't care anymore though as I'm just not that creative of a person. I started my design business to help people where I could, but it's no longer my whole world anymore. It's still a great job to have on the side though, and I find that I enjoy it more now that it's more of a hobby again. :)

3. Get back down to 55kg.
Yeah, no. I'm still about 10kg heavier than I want to be, but I am going to the gym 4 times a week and still eating relatively healthy most of the time. Even if I never reach my goal weight I will still be content with the fact that I am actively making an effort.

4. Buy a new car. ✓
Yes! Another really important thing that I managed to cross off my to-do list! I am so happy with my new car that words can't even describe. :D

5. Get fully comprehensive car insurance. ✓
The day I crossed this item off my list was the day I truly felt like an adult.

6. Continue to grow my hair out. ✓
I'm not sure if my hair is longer now than it was this time last year as I recently had a trim, but generally speaking I've been growing my hair out, yes. :)

7. Reach 500 followers on bloglovin' organically.
Nope. To be fair though, I haven't really been the most active blogger lately now have I?

8. Buy a new, more comfortable, high quality computer chair.
Yeah, not quite. Instead I threw away the back to my original computer chair and now just sit on the base. I simply couldn't justify spending money on another chair that is just going to break in 6 months time.

9. Start making YouTube videos again.
Sadly, no. Something for my next to-do list perhaps?

10. Scan and save old photos from family albums onto the computer.
Whilst I did scan some, I really wish that I had scanned all the rest before moving up here in January.

11. Go to the doctors and ask to be tested for hypothyroid.
I did. Fortunately nothing was wrong with my thyroid, but with starting the testing process we eventually found out about my having PCOS.

12. Start a herb garden.
I wish! Instead I have an entire shelf dedicated to dried herbs in my pantry.

13. Develop any old rolls of film that my Mum still has.
Yet another thing I wish I did before moving to Townsville.

14. Spend 3-4 days without the internet.
Yeah, no.

15. Take a cooking class.
Another thing for my next to-do list.

16. Take photos of Ellie and Lucas at Christmas time.
Yeah, this didn't happen either. We decided to leave Ellie at my Mums place while we went to visit Lucas, as Dad's place doesn't have a fenced backyard and Ellie needs a lot of space to run around.

17. Read 'Dexter's Final Cut' that Mum gave me for Christmas.
Hmmm. I think we've established just how lazy I can be.

18. Sort out the back garden.
Shortly after I wrote this list last year we found out that we were moving to Townsville, so the garden became kind of neglected. Oh well. At least the garden at our new place is perfect. :)

19. Start wearing make up again. You need to put more effort into your appearance.
Considering I still only wear make up when I'm going out somewhere once or twice a fortnight, I'd say this one was probably a fail.

20. Walk Ellie more often.
I still need to work on this. I've neglected Ellie and Nala's walks a little since I started at the gym.

21. Find new blogs to read and start commenting more often.
Yeah, terrible blogger over here!

22. Buy a new, nice fitting, comfy pair of jeans. ✓
I can't remember if I bought my last pair in the last 12 months or not, but I'm pretty sure I did, and they are also pretty darn comfy.

23. Buy a decent video camera. ✓
Ben bought one off his brother that I can use whenever I like. Does that count?

24. Buy an apple product, like an iPhone or a mac laptop.
Ha! This was never going to happen. Maybe one day in the very distant future, but even then I highly doubt it.

25. Create a '26 while 26' list. ✓
I haven't done this yet, but it is on the agenda for tomorrow. :)

Well, I may have only crossed 8 items off last years to-do list, but I'm still pretty happy with what I've achieved. Hopefully these next 12 months will be even better. I'll share my '26 while 26' list with you tomorrow!

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  1. At least you are ticking things off the list hun! Good on you :) Maria. x


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