Blogging with intention + the road to minimalism.

There's a reason I haven't been updating this blog as regularly as I used to. Partly because of Netflix (I'd be lying if I said this had nothing to do with it), partly because of work (both regular and design work), but mostly due to all the 'clutter' in my life. The clutter I am referring to is both mental and physical; the physical contributing largely to the mental.

If you know me in person you're probably wondering what physical clutter I could possibly be talking about. I mean, my house is always relatively clean and tidy, everything has it's place, and in comparison to some peoples homes it's already very minimalist in regards to the amount of items we own. Even our fridge looks empty 95% of the time because I only purchase what we need for that week. That being said, my desire to own only the bare essentials and/or the things that truly bring me happiness is still very overwhelming. I dedicate my weekends to ridding our home of 'excess', but end up procrastinating due to the large amount of tasks I'd ideally like to get done, which in turn only exacerbates the problem.

I don't think it helps that my weekdays only ever consist of working, cooking, going to the gym, watching Netflix, instagramming, and sleeping. Because by the time the weekend rolls around, the last thing I want to be faced with is a massive to do list, even if that to do list is going to help my situation in the long run. You see, the way I look at it is that the less stuff I own, the more time I have to concentrate on enjoying life.

Think about it. By having a smaller wardrobe, for example, I won't be spending as much time picking out my outfits, nor will I be spending as much time washing/ironing clothes. Same goes with the amount of items in our kitchen. The less dishes we own, the more we are forced to wash up as we go, meaning we rarely have a large pile of dishes to wash up (or to hound the other to do). This ultimately means more time for the fun things in life, and a lot less stress on ourselves and our relationship.

Getting up the courage to remove this 'clutter' from our life is so much harder than it should be though, and it ends up taking up so much of my headspace to a point where it just gets put on the back burner until the next weekend. Slowly but surely though, I am eliminating clutter from my life and reaping the benefits, no matter how small.

It is my hope that towards the end of this year I will be living in a space that I associate with fun and freedom, as well as a strong sense of calm and a feeling of relaxation. My overall aim though is to claim some (if not all) of my headspace back so that I have more mental time for blogging, exploring, sharing with and helping others, and maybe just maybe even planning for our future. I'd especially love to share a photo tour of our home with you once I am finally at peace with the way things are around here.

In the mean time though, please bare with me if my blog appears a bit forgotten about for a while. I promise you it isn't, and I promise you I will be back. You can always follow me on instagram for a sneak peak into my new way of life and a glimpse at my minimalism journey. :)

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  1. I absolutely love this blog post, it encompasses the same situation I am going through with wanting to declutter and minimalise my life right now. If someone came into my home they wouldn't think it was messy/cluttered or need to minimalise, but for me personally I see so much stuff that I no longer require. Good luck with the journey. I can't wait to hear your progress.
    Btw, I absolutely love your blog!


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