Reading:  I should be reading 'Grey' seeing as it's the first physical copy of a book that I have purchased in years, but unfortunately I just haven't gotten into it. It's too much like the original.

Watching:  Pretty Little Liars. I am seriously obsessed with this show at the moment and hang out for Wednesday afternoons like they're the weekend or something. I have so many theories about -A and would love to hear some of yours if you wanted to leave them in the comments for me! ;)

Listening to:  Same shit as usual. Been far too busy watching Netflix to download any new songs recently.

Smelling:  The slow cooker chilli that I just finished preparing for tonight's dinner. That and the smell of a freshly cleaned house!

Thinking about:  Places that we should take B's brother Tim to while he is up here visiting. Last night we took him to the top of Castle Hill where he took the lovely photo of us pictured above. We then went to The Strand for dinner and ice cream which definitely did not disappoint.

Wishing:  That B and I didn't have to work tomorrow while Tim is still here. I'm sure he'll find something fun to do, but it would be cool if we both had the full weekend off to show him around a bit more. Maybe if we're lucky we can take him to Maggie Island on Sunday!

Working on:  Decluttering/organising/purging my belongings. I've actually been doing really well and even managed to get rid of three full bags of clothes this week, which makes me very happy.

Loving:  How freeing my minimalist journey has been for me so far. The next big step for me is to simplify my diet and get back to all natural foods again. I think doing this will make everything come together for me. For now though, I'm just not ready to give up my gelato!

Also, I am still 100% head over heels in love with Townsville. I seriously want to get married and raise our family here. Is that completely selfish of me?

Anticipating:  The possibility of visiting Maggie Island this Sunday, and then having my friends Jaana and Anita come to visit me next weekend. I'm also really pumped for the arrival of our new couch and having my Dad and step family come to visit us in September. :D

So what have you been up to lately?

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