Sunday, 5 July 2015

Instagram Vs Reality // Part 1.

Today's blog post is one that was inspired by a fun little series I've been reading over on Simply the Beth, where she not only shares some of her recent instagram snaps, but the real story behind each of the photos. You know, not the fancy story that you share in the caption, but what you are really thinking/doing when taking/sharing the photo.

Now seeing as I don't share photographs on instagram that often (in comparison to other bloggers at least) I'm thinking of making this post a monthly occurrence, give or take a week or two depending on how many photos I have to share with you guys.

Anyway, enough of my rambling.. Let's begin!

Instagram: One of the best chocolate milks I've ever tried, second only to the Max Brenner salted caramel milkshake. Yum!

Reality: I didn't have very long to take this photo as I obviously wanted to drink this baby asap, so I made my family wait around in the parking lot of the shops with my car door open for light and my drink propped up on a towel so that I could get a shot of my milk straight away. #instagramlyf

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Instagram: Philly cheese steak sandwich. Actual heaven.

Reality: This meal was actual heaven, that's no lie. The food baby I had afterwards obviously wasn't pictured though. Nor was me moving our empty drinks around out of the shot because they were ruining the whole aesthetic.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Instagram: Townsville, you beautiful bastard you.

Reality: I made my partner drive out of the way from where we were going so I could take this photo. I ideally wanted to take the shot from the middle of the road, but there were too many cars passing me on either side so I had to run back to the side of the road to take an inferior shot. People were giving me filthy looks as they drove past me as well. Such a fucking tourist.

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

Instagram: Overnight oats soaked in delicious full cream jersey milk, topped with fresh strawberries and a drizzle of honey. Heaven.

Reality: Okay, so this meal wasn't as heavenly as that philly cheese steak sandwich from earlier, but as far as porridge goes it was pretty decent. Was it worth taking a photo of? Probably not, but I did so anyway. Rather than taking a photo of it on my kitchen bench like a normal person though, I decided to sit it on top of one of my dining table cushions by the window in just the right position to be in a (close to) perfect instagram square. Oh the shame of it all.

So there you have it. My Instagram vs Reality for the month. Feel free to write up a similar post of your own if you enjoyed this one and make sure to share it with me in the comments! :)

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  1. Such a fun post! I might write one like this some time too. X

    ♥ Carly's Beauty World - A Hair, Beauty & Lifestyle Blog ♥

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