Snap Happy Sunday // Visiting Magnetic Island.

This time last weekend B and I (and B's older brother Tim), visited Magnetic Island for the very first time. It's been something we've been meaning to do for ages and it was well worth the wait.

After eating breakfast at a cute little cafe just off The Strand, we headed over to the nearby ferry terminal and took the 20 minute ferry ride over to Maggie. As soon as we arrived the atmosphere changed completely, and the next 6 hours were probably the most relaxing 6 hours of our lives.

After a short walk (okay, hot and sweaty 15 minute walk) we arrived at the place where we would hire a 4WD for the day so that we could explore the off road tracks and beaches (the off road beaches were the best). It only cost us $80 to hire including the petrol, so it was well worth the investment.

There were plenty of cafe's and restaurants for us to eat at on the island (and the food was delicious) and as you can see, there were plenty of photo opportunities. The views that Maggie offers are nothing short of incredible and I can't wait until B and I can go back over again. :)

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  1. This looks incredible! Such lovely pictures xx

  2. You live in paradise lovely! Just stunning!!! LOVE all the photos you've taken! Simple amazing! xxx


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