Thoughts on PLL Finale + Sara/Hanna sisters theory!

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS!


So if any of you read my last post about Pretty Little Liars, you will know that I totally guessed that 'A' would be revealed as transgender. I wasn't 100% on whether it would be CeCe or not, but I certainly was not shocked when she was revealed as A/Charles/Charlotte. I absolutely loved the episode though and was definitely doing an "I told you so" happy dance for a few days afterwards, haha!

Now, I can totally understand why so many people were upset with CeCe's reveal. The clues weren't overly obvious for CeCe (but to me that's the genius of it!) and there were definitely a lot more noticeable clues for some of the other characters (*cough*Wren*cough*). But for people to say that Marlene changed her mind to CeCe at the last minute after some fake reddit spoilers were released (which were probably released by the PLL team on purpose to trick everyone) is absolutely ridiculous. The clues were 100% there for CeCe right from the early episodes of season 3, and once we found out about Charles at the end of season 5 these clues just solidified that CeCe was Charles.

What I can completely relate to though is the anger that PLL fans felt at the reveal of Shower Sara Harvey as red coat. I get it. We didn't even get to see Sara until the dollhouse. Her character is annoying. She seems irrelevant. The fact is though, we were technically introduced to Sara in season 4. We made have only seen a stock photo of some random girl on a "Sara Harvey" website, but we were still introduced to her as a character, and we were introduced to her for a reason...

Now, I know this is going to sound totally crazy, but bare with me here... I have this theory that Sara (Red Coat) could be Hanna Marin's sister and is jealous of her/wants to see her hurt. I know right? I must be losing my marbles. There are clues to suggest this could be true though, and here are just a few of them:

1. Remember when Hanna, Mona, Aria and Emily were trapped in the lodge fire? Red Coat, who we now know is Sara, saved all of the girls except for Hanna who ended up being saved by Ali. Why would she save the other girls but not Hanna?

2. Similarly, remember that ending with the bobble head dolls where Red Coat flicked the Hanna doll in the head and then took a blowtorch to the side of her face? Yeah, well when you pair that with clue #1 above it sure seems very suspicious doesn't it?

3. There is more than one occasion where Hanna is being watched by Red Coat specifically. The two main scenes that stick out in my mind are the one where Hanna is in Alison's bedroom looking through her jewellery box and we see Red Coat behind her in the jewellery box mirror, and the other is where Hanna spots Red Coat watching her in the reflection of a window.

4. In season 6, there is essentially a "mirrored" scene where we see CeCe/A staring into the DiLaurentis house, whilst in another scene we see Sara/Red Coat staring into the Marin house. We know that CeCe was looking in on her family, so what was Sara doing looking in on the Marin's for? Could they be her family?

I'm not entirely sold on the idea that Sara is Ashley's daughter though, but it would make that little ghost girl scene from that Halloween episode make sense if she was. I do, however, believe that Sara could be the result of an affair that Hanna's father Tom may have had. I mean, it would totally explain why Sara appears to have it out for Hanna. If Tom had an affair resulting in Sara, but abandoned Sara to stay in his marriage with his other daughter Hanna (around the same age as Sara), I can totally understand why Sara would be jealous of Hanna and would have been more than willing to help CeCe torture the liars.

Anyway, there's some food for thought for you all! I hope that you guys enjoyed this post and let me know what you think of my Sara theory below. :D

Also, I recently created an "Long Live King Wilden!" Facebook group if anyone is interested in joining. The group is for sharing theories, funny meme's, games, quizzes, etc. I'd love to see you guys over there!

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