A weekend on Maggie + New Firmoo Sunglasses!

This past weekend B and I ventured back to Maggie for a (very) belated overnight stay for my birthday. As soon as I finished work on Saturday afternoon we caught the 3.45pm ferry over to the Island where our gorgeous beach front hotel was waiting for us. Whilst I settled in and got ready for the night ahead, B headed over to the local bottle shop to pick us up a bottle (or two, shh!) of my favourite wine.

After polishing off both bottles in record time, we headed downstairs for dinner in the hotels restaurant. As the room was quite dark (and I was a fair bit tipsy) I didn't bother taking any photos of our meals, but you can take my word for it that they were delicious. The parmesan mashed potato was particularly spectacular. For once in our lives we were actually too full for dessert so after dinner we headed back to our room where I had the most magnificent hot bath before falling asleep in the comfiest bed ever.

Come Sunday morning I felt surprisingly refreshed despite the wine from the night before. I'm putting this down to the amazing bed and taking it as a sign that B and I need to spring for a new mattress. So anyway, we headed downstairs for a scrummy buffet breakfast before packing up our bags and heading off to hire some scooters for the day. I'd never been on a scooter before, but after I got the hang of it I had an absolute blast. :)

Once we picked up our scooters our first stop was the top of this hill so that I could get a photo taken on my pink scooter wearing my awesome matching helmet. We then headed down to Picnic Bay to take some photos of me in my new prescription sunglasses that I was kindly sent by Firmoo to review a few days earlier.

If you're a loyal reader of my blog you will know that I have been working with Firmoo for many years now, and they are still my all time favourite online optical retailer. The prescription sunglasses they sent me were absolutely perfect for the beach, and unlike most sunglasses this pair actually fit me perfectly. I went for a simple black frame and lenses with a slight purple tint and I think they look awesome.

If you are interested in purchasing some high quality, affordable glasses of your own, you can check out Firmoo's new arrivals here and their 15% off deal for new customers here.

Next we headed over to the other side of the Island to check out the markets at Horseshoe Bay. I never usually buy anything at markets but this time I picked up a birthday present for my step sister, some yummy gelato, as well as purchasing an incredible 15 minute massage while B went for a quick dip in the ocean (pretty sure I had the better end of that deal). 

Afterwards we decided to hire a kayak for half an hour, then we drove over to some walking tracks and went on a hot, sweaty, exhausting hike to Arthur Bay and back. Totally worth it though as the views were just incredible.

After our hike we headed back to Horseshoe Bay for a much needed late lunch. B went for fish and chips and I went for a delicious serve of vegetarian nachos which I had absolutely no hope of finishing (death by sour cream anyone?).

As I'm sure you can imagine, our day was pretty much over by this point, so we headed back to Nelly Bay to return our scooters and hopped on the next ferry home.

We had such an amazing weekend together and I seriously can't wait to head back over again. If you're ever up in Townsville, the twenty minute ferry ride to Magnetic Island is 100% worth it. Next time we head over we're going to hire some jet ski's and go on another (even longer) hike. Our next visit couldn't come fast enough!

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