Farewell Winter.

Normally my Sunday posts are photograph focused with very little reflection, but today I just felt like sharing some of what is on my mind at the moment.

My shifts at work have recently changed (yet again) so I am currently in the middle of a three day weekend (I wonder how long these will last) and feeling somewhat relaxed for the first time in ages (I say 'somewhat' because living with invisible illnesses means you can never feel fully relaxed). Today is also Fathers Day here in Australia, which is a little bittersweet this year as although my Dad if thankfully still with us he is currently having heart problems and is going in for an angiogram tomorrow. It's also tinged with sadness as B's Dad recently passed away and this Thursday just gone my Stepmum's father passed on as well. Let's not forget my Pa either who passed away a couple of years ago this month. It's almost like today is a reminder that we're getting older by the minute and we need to start making the most of our lives before it's too late.

Speaking of making the most of our lives, my PLL obsession is starting to get a little bit extreme. I have taken to joining in with a "watch and discuss" facebook group where we have gone back to season 3 and are rewatching each episode one by one to take note of clues relating to the Big A reveal and discussing them together as a group. If this was a class at school I would be getting an A+ for sure, but it's not, and so I'm pretty sure this makes me crazy right? I've been getting so into my detective work that not only have I been finding Big A clues, but possible Uber A clues as well. As a result I've actually got a few new theory posts lined up, so keep a look out for those.

Anyway, back to the original theme of this post, Winter has recently come to an end (not that we got a real Winter here in Townsville - it was cold for all of about a week and a half) and I am practically in mourning. The past three months have been so wonderful weather and atmosphere wise that I never want to live anywhere else again. Don't get me wrong, I hate summer with a vengeance, but I dislike the cold that little bit more. Winter in Townsville is essentially a three month Spring with a few random cooler days sprinkled in for good measure. We never got a Spring back home in Brisbane though. It was either freezing cold, or a gross dry heat. Yuck!

So what's happening for me next? Well, next weekend B is finally taking me to Magnetic Island for my birthday getaway (3 and a half months late, but who's counting?). I'm working on the Saturday and then we're heading over straight from work to catch the ferry and check in to our hotel right by the water. We don't have any plans set in stone for the weekend yet aside from knowing we want to hire some scooters and eat lots of yummy food. I'm sure we'll be taking plenty of gorgeous photos, so follow me on instagram if you aren't doing so already.

Aside from that, the weekend afterwards I will be hosting my very first proper party at our new house. It's going to have a Friends theme of "cups and ice" and we will be eating lots of pizza, tiny portions of pretentious food, choc chip cookies, cheesecake, traditional english trifle, and maybe even meatball subs. We'll also be playing a bunch of friends trivia games which is great, because the majority of girls I've invited are almost as nuts about Friends as I am.

Oh, and probably the most important (and exciting!) thing that I will be doing for a while is going down to Toowoomba for 5 days for my Father's wedding. The wedding was originally planned for tomorrow (and then Dad was going to come up here with the family for their honeymoon a few weeks later), but because of his heart problems they had to reschedule the wedding as well as the trip, so it was decided that I would go down to visit and attend the wedding on the new date of September 23rd instead. I'm not going to lie, I am actually pretty happy that the wedding has been rescheduled as now I am able to be there in person (up until a week ago I was working every second Sunday so I wouldn't have been able to make it to the original wedding day). I am so happy for Dad as he really seems to have found his ideal match in his partner Judy.

So what's been going on with you guys? Anything out of the ordinary? I actually have a pretty big announcement coming up soon about a new lifestyle change of mine, but I'll save that for later. ;)

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