PLL Theory // Sara and Aria are Twins!

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS!


So I was recently rewatching S3E17 "Out of the frying pan, into the Inferno", which from the title screamed flames/burning/pain to me. For this reason, a conversation between Byron and Aria towards the beginning of the episode really stood out to me as Byron told Aria a story about how he and Ella wouldn't use the fireplace when Aria was younger as he was worried that she might get burned. This conversation didn't really seem to have much relevance to the PLL story, which is probably why I didn't think much of it the first time around, but this time the conversation really smacked me in the face and I feel like it was included in this episode for a reason.

Later, at the end of the episode, we see Red Coat (presumably Sara) flicking the Hanna bobble head and burning her face with a blowtorch. Could the two references to someone being "burned" in this episode be related?

As you guys know, I have already written a blog post on the possibility of Hanna and Sara being sisters/twins, mostly due to the fact that we are constantly seeing Red Coat (Sara) spying on Hanna or her Mother, or doing vengeful acts towards Hanna. I mean, it would make sense.. HOWEVER.. Now I know this sounds ridiculous, but what if Red Coat (Sara) was wrongfully targeting Hanna thinking that she was her twin/sister, when in reality Sara is actually ARIA's twin sister!

What if Sara was burned in a fire as a baby, possibly by Aria, as Aria's first sign of menace against her twin. Maybe this could be prefacing when Aria later stabs her sister when they are fighting over their dolls (as in the Halloween episode). Maybe Ella and Byron sent Sara away to live with Byron's brother Scott Montgomery and his wife (we never hear much about Sara's father do we?), and kept Aria with them in order to give her treatment (it's not like they could give the 'evil' twin to someone else to look after could they?). I know this sounds completely crazy but I am absolutely willing to run with it!

Other possible Sara/Aria twin clues:
- Aria finds a doll that looks just like her with her eye stabbed out. She flips the doll over and see's a blonde doll as the other half instead of legs. HUGE twin (and stabbing) clue, and a blonde twin clue at that!
- Aria looking into mirrors, all the dang time! (MPD or twin clue? or both?).
- Speaking of mirrors, in S3E23, Aria spots Red Coat (Sara) when looking into a mirror. Even more reason to believe they could be twins?
- Let's not forget all the other clues that suggest that Aria is one of the Halloween twins (that would be a whole other blog post though).
- When Sara as Red Coat was spying on the Marin household, we presumed she was spying on Ashley Marin, but.. ELLA Montgomery was also sitting there talking to Ashley!
- Possibly the biggest clue of all, in S4E1, we see Black Widow (also Sara) lifting up her veil to show her BURNT Ali mask. In this same scene, there is a photograph of Aria on the wall directly behind Black Widow. This photo is in Black Widow's view as she looks at herself in the mirror!

If you have any other possible Sara/Aria twin clues, please leave them in the comments!

So what do you guys think?! I just did a brief google search and haven't spotted any other Aria and Sara twin theories, so this very well might be a first! :D

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  1. I agree that it would be awesome for Aria to have a twin. She is so shady at times! I have thought that perhaps it is more likely for Hanna to have the twin but something is definitely up with Aria! I'm looking forward to finding out who has the twin though!
    Lauren // OhHay Blogs!

    1. As long as it is one of the four girls I will be very happy. :)

      Thanks for commenting! xx

  2. This sounds a very interesting theory, and while I hope it is one of the girls with the twin I really think it could be Sara with an identical twin so like she or her twin was the one suffering in the dollhouse and her twin or her was working with Charlotte. Possibly they were separated as kids (in an episode Sara is talking about what it would be like if her dad came back so maybe her twin got sent to live with her dad and Sara stayed to get mental help? Please reply and tell me what you think of my theory!!!


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