PLL Theory // Wilden is Alive + Hanna's Father!

Warning: This post contains SPOILERS!


I'm really not sure where to start with this theory, so I'm just going to get straight into it. I always believed before the 6A finale that Darren Wilden was still alive. I had my suspicions that he could have been Charles DiLaurentis, but even when that turned out not to be the case I still firmly believed that he was alive. In fact, I am even more certain that Wilden's death was faked since CeCe was revealed as Big A.

Here's why..

- This isn't the first time we have been lead to believe that one of the PLL characters had been killed at the hands of CeCe. Mona, Jason and Kenneth were all drugged by CeCe to slow down their breathing and heart rate and essentially make them appear dead. This reminds me of a storyline from the old NBC soap opera 'Passions' where Sheridan Crane's death is faked by the FBI using the same type of drug. Sheridan even had an open casket funeral like Wilden did, and yet we were all none the wiser until we found out later on that the FBI had drugged her to make her appear dead. I am 99% sure that this is how Wilden's death was faked, most likely with the help of CeCe.
- In S4E1, where the liars attend Wilden's funeral, the title of the episode is 'A is for A-L-I-V-E'. Enough said.
- In S3E21, the day after Ashley Marin ran over Wilden, she sees Wilden across the street walking around live and well. We later find out in 3SE22 that Wilden really is alive. Could this be foreshadowing his fake death that is about to happen?
- Finally, we now know that S6E19, the second last episode of the upcoming 6B season is titled 'Did you miss me?'. This is a line that both Wilden and Ali have said before. Ali turned out to be alive, does this mean that Wilden will too?

Now before you guys state the obvious, yes, I do know that Sara Harvey (Black Veil) reported to CeCe that Wilden was dead as we saw in the 6A finale flashback scene. But why would CeCe need clarification that Wilden was dead if she killed him herself? Perhaps CeCe asked Sara to go to the funeral to make sure that everything was going to hers and Wilden's plan by making sure that Wilden simply appeared to be dead.

I'm not suggesting that Wilden is Big Bad/Uber A (although if he does turn out to be, you heard it here first) but I do believe that he was working with CeCe for the following reasons..

- In S3E20, after the elevator incident in which Jason is nearly killed, the liars are standing around asking each other who they think could have stolen the photo of Wilden/Ali/CeCe from Jason. The next second, Wilden shows up at the door. Coincidence? Perhaps. What I think though is that this was a subtle hint that Wilden stole the photo. How would Wilden know that Jason had the photo unless CeCe told him?
- In the same episode, we see Wilden pull over and push CeCe into his car. The way they talk to each other is almost like a sibling relationship or at the very least some kind of longterm friendship. Wilden does appear to have some sort of power over CeCe, but at the same time CeCe doesn't appear to be scared of him. It seems like they could be working together.
- Also, we are lead to believe that Wilden killed Garrett on the Halloween train and was dressed up as the Queen of Hearts. All while CeCe was in charge of the A game.

The next big Wilden theory I have is that Wilden is actually Hanna Marin's real father. I know right? CRAZY! Before you go getting all hysterical though, please take the time to read the clues below..

- In S1E1, Wilden comes to the Marin front door and tells Ashley that Hanna has been caught shoplifting. How did Wilden know that it was Hanna shoplifting just from looking at the security footage? Ashley then tells Hanna that she will take care of the situation, and ends up sleeping with Wilden so that the charges against Hanna are dropped. How did Ashley know that she could sleep with Wilden to shut him up? Do Ashley and Wilden have a history?
- In the ending scene of the same episode, where Wilden introduces himself to the liars outside the church, he addresses them all by name. "Emily, Spencer, Aria and Hanna". When he says Hanna's name he seems to linger on it slightly and stares at her a little bit longer than the other girls. Creepy.
- In S1E2, Wilden is seen spying on Hanna whilst she is out shopping with Mona. Later in this episode, Wilden shows up at the Marin house with takeaway for dinner and Ashley asks Sean (Hanna's boyfriend at the time) to leave. Why was it time for Sean to leave just because Wilden arrived?
- In S1E3, Wilden is seen at the Marin house after having obviously stayed the night. When Ashley asks Wilden to go upstairs and put some clothes on, he stays behind to eavesdrop on Hanna and Ashley's conversation.
- Later in this same episode, when Hanna is called to the school office to speak to officer Wilden, Wilden says to Hanna "One can't underestimate how much the past informs the present". This statement is weird and interpretative in itself, but Hanna's response is even more odd when she replies with "Really? So are you still that same party boy you were in the class of 96? Did you call me down here to do keg stands?". How does Hanna know that Wilden graduated in the class of 96? How does she know he was a party boy unless she heard it from someone who knew him personally? If he graduated in the class of 96 this would either make him 32 years old in this episode (if he was graduating from highschool) or roughly 35/36 (if he was graduating from College). I think he would most likely have been graduating from University given the keg stand reference though. Either way, it would have to be someone older (like a parent) to know about Wilden being such a big party boy. Ashley Marin perhaps? If Wilden was graduating from College in 1996, this would put him at roughly the right age to have fathered Hanna as well. The liars were all 16 when the show first aired in 2010, meaning Hanna would have been born in roughly 1994. This would have been at around the same time that party boy Wilden was still attending college (or highschool). Not exactly the best father material from Ashley's perspective, am I right?
- Furthermore, towards the end of this episode, Wilden offers Hanna a lift somewhere to which she basically tells him to take a hike. I thought it was sweet and out of character for Wilden to offer her a lift. He then goes back to his normal Wilden self and starts rifling through Hanna's handbag. When Ashley sees this, she finally tells him that he is no longer welcome for breakfast.
- In S3E20, Wilden shows up at the restaurant Ashley Marin is eating at and orders her a glass of wine. He then proceeds to try and convince her that the rumours about him getting Alison pregnant aren't true. Ashley doesn't seem to believe him. Could this be because he got her pregnant once too? In the same conversation, Wilden also talks about his history with Ashley and tells her "I'm not the only one with secrets". I highly doubt that Wilden was merely referring to Hanna's past of shoplifting.
- In S3E22, after Ashley drops Hanna off to stay at Emily's for a few days, Wilden shows up to see Hanna and to collect his car keys (this is after Hanna and Aria pushed his car into the lake, thinking that he was dead after Ashley ran him over). The conversation they have is very telling. Wilden says to Hanna "You, me and your mother - it's complicated. I don't think any of us have been completely honest with each other about things". Maybe Wilden knows he is Hanna's father but Ashley has never outright told him? Neither of them are being honest with Hanna about it at least. It is important to note that this is their last conversation together as well. I also believe Wilden wanted the keys to his car so that he could protect Ashley and Hanna, not himself.
- Also, what about after Wilden's death when Hanna can't get a scholarship for college, but when she suggests to Ashley that she go and ask her Dad (Tom), Ashley is very insistent that Hanna not bother Tom about it. Is this because Tom isn't really Hanna's Dad? Perhaps Tom knows he isn't Hanna's real father? Maybe that's why he has always been such a distant father figure to her? To add to this theory, if Wilden is in fact working together with CeCe, it would also explain why Hanna is eventually given a scholarship by The Carissimi Group.

Given the clues above, not to mention all the other occassions where Wilden/Hanna/Ashley are together, it makes me wonder why the majority of Wilden's scenes are focused around the Marin's. Was he really meaning to target Hanna, or was he simply wanting to spend time with her in whatever way he could? Also, why doesn't Ashley do something about the fact that Wilden is targeting Hanna? Is she afraid that he might spill her secret?

I actually have a sneaking suspicion that in S6E19 Hanna will be getting married to someone. Whether the wedding goes ahead or not I have absolutely no idea, but going by a photo I saw on twitter the other day I'm fairly certain Hanna was wearing a wedding dress. Anyway.. as I mentioned earlier, the title for this episode is 'Did you miss me?'. Wouldn't it be perfect if Wilden showed up for Hanna's wedding and said that famous line we have heard him say once before.. 'Did you miss me?'.

I'd love to hear your thoughts! Please leave them in the comments. Also, if you like this post, please make sure to share it. It is the first of it's kind! :D

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  1. Also - Hanna looks extremely similar to wilden. They have the exact same eye color and ears and maybe this was why tom filed for a divorce - he found out.


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