The Video That Changed It All.

Following on from My Vegan Story post that I shared just over a month ago, if I had to pinpoint the exact moment that I first began to question everything and really started looking into Veganism seriously, it would be when I first watched the video clip below. 


I stumbled upon this clip by accident in someone else's video, and decided to sit through it when I was told it wouldn't be graphic. It wasn't, but it was probably one of the saddest videos (and still is) that I have ever seen in my life. I remember walking into our bedroom and telling B that I had just watched a video of a baby calf being removed from its Mother (which is standard practice everywhere) and that the baby was loaded into the back of a van and the Mother cow chased after the van as it drove off with her newborn. I couldn't even finish explaining what happened in the video without writhing with tears. I ended up sobbing myself to sleep that night as it was the first time I had ever been made truly aware of the fundamental cruelness of the dairy industry.

This was also the first time I associated the dairy industry directly with the veal industry. Call me stupid, but I actually thought that by boycotting veal I was making a difference. However, as long as humans still consume dairy there will always be veal on the shelves. The only reason we are able to consume dairy products from cows is because the baby cows are taken away from their Mothers almost immediately after being born. They are then fed on milk replacements whilst we as humans drink the milk that was by nature meant for them. It just doesn't make sense.

It overwhelms my heart each day to know that this is reality, but I am glad I am no longer ignorant. Hopefully by writing this post some of my lovely readers will be awakened just as I was.

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