My PLL Theories // Final Predictions For 6B!

Hey guys! I'm going to be super busy over the next few days, so here are my final thoughts and predictions before the 6B 'Pretty Little Liars' finale!

Charlotte's Killer: Hanna Marin (or her twin), Melissa Hastings, Ian Thomas OR Darren Wilden.

- I feel like an idiot for even suggesting this, but what if Hanna has an identical twin who killed Charlotte for torturing her sister all those years? What if when Hanna was checking The Radley footage from that night she saw her twin walking around the corridors and began to wonder if she herself was the killer? Maybe this is why she deleted the footage? What if the person Aria and Ezra saw walking into the church that night was actually Hanna's twin?
- We've been led to believe the murder weapon is part of the handle from Melissa's suitcase. Although I doubt this very much, perhaps Melissa really did kill her?
- I'm probably jumping on the next "Wren bandwagon" by saying this, but the evidence is compelling. I feel like Ian may have killed Charlotte for blackmailing Melissa on multiple occasions. In that scene with the monster truck trying to run over Emily, I'm guessing this person was Ian. He was probably out there hiding the murder weapon (that he took from Melissa's suitcase when he was creepily watching her sleep haha!) and Emily ruined his plans so he thought "fuck this, I'll just kill her". Then he probably decided to actually use his brain and thought "hey, maybe I'll just set Emily up to put her finger prints all over the murder weapon instead".
- I also believe it is still slightly possible that Wilden could be Charlotte's killer. What if Wilden was in hiding for all those years because of Charlotte and so he killed her for it? Or what if Wilden is Hanna's real father and killed Charlotte for torturing his daughter?

The Twin: Mrs D, Ian Thomas, Hanna Marin, Alison DiLaurentis, Charlotte DiLaurentis, Darren Wilden OR Melissa Hastings.

- I am hoping that after Ali is touched by this "he" in her bedroom that she starts freaking out and wondering if her vision of Mrs D was actually someone visiting her in the hospital. I am guessing that the liars will then gain access to the hospital security footage and see that it was either Ian or Mrs D who entered Alison's room. If it is Mrs D that they see, then I think she could be the one with the twin.
- If Ian is involved in any way, shape or form then it is by default possible that he has a twin also. I hope not though, how boring!
- As I already mentioned, I also think it's possible that Hanna is the one with the twin. Hanna has had a bunch of super obvious twin clues directed at her over the years, so despite being kinda predictable and boring, it would make sense, and it would be cool for one of the liars to have a twin!
- In sticking with the books, it would only make sense for Alison to have a twin. I am very doubtful this will happen, but it needs to be mentioned.
- Charlotte could also have a twin. A male twin, as that's the only way they'd be identical.
- If Wilden is still alive, and his death wasn't faked, then it is possible his twin is the one who was buried. Apparently the twins have a scene together though, so this would obviously need to be in a flashback style.
- My final twin prediction is for Melissa. There are tonnes of clues to her having a twin. If she does have a twin, I think it is Bethany!

Charlotte's Avenger + Avengers Helper: Mrs D (or her twin) and Sara, Dr Rollins and Sara, Wren and Sara, Wilden and Sara, Charlotte and Sara, OR Kenneth and/or Jason DiLaurentis.

- The avengers hands, from what we have seen in some of the 6B endings, are quite petite and feminine. They look like Sara's hands. Maybe they are Sara's hands, but she is working for someone else, someone who I am hoping is Mrs D or her twin. I am actually hoping that the Sara Harvey we know could in fact be the real Charles or even Bethany, but let's face it, she is probably just boring old Sara.
- Whilst Rollins appears to be the killer type, and could have killed Charlotte so that he could marry Alison and assume the fortune that Charlotte most likely left to her, it IS possible that he is simply her avenger. He was her loving doctor for all those years after all.
- Speaking of doctors, what if Marlene is giving the Wren fans what they want, and making Wren be Charlotte's avenger? We have already been given a clue that Wren and Charlotte knew each other better than we thought.
- What if Wilden was actually the real Charles, and the person we know as Charlotte was in fact his best friend Bethany? This would definitely give Wilden motive to avenge "Charlotte's" death.
- What if Charlotte faked her own death with her magic drug and is now the one trying to find out who her killer is? Total long shot, but it is a possibility.
- It is also slightly possible that Jason or Kenneth are avenging her death, but why make these arsehats who couldn't even be bothered coming to her funeral relevant now?

Character back from the dead: Ian Thomas, Mrs D, Bethany, Wilden OR Charlotte.

If you watch the show, what are your final predictions and thoughts on mine? 

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  1. I watched it yesterday!! It was SO GOOD! I literally had no idea what was going to happen, I don't want to say though in case you haven't watched it yet or anyone reading!

    Catherine xx

    1. Wasn't it just! I was so happy to see a certain male officer again! :D I filmed my live reaction video and posted it to youtube if you want to take a look: It's hilarious! :P



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