Five Years of Blogging!

Wow! Can you believe it's been five years today since I first sat down and started up this blog? Where on earth has the time gone?

I remember that when I first started this blog I had just moved out with B, and was feeling particularly optimistic that we would soon be getting engaged, married and starting a family. I wanted to create a space online where I could document these milestone events for us all to look back on one day.

However, as is what usually happens when you make plans, things didn't exactly go the way I had hoped. We're still not engaged, we're still not married, and we still don't have kids. We still haven't been overseas or purchased our first home. I am still not totally happy with, or decided on, when it comes to my current career. But that's just how life goes.

Rather than focus on what hasn't happened though, let's take a look at all the things that did happen in the past 5 years as documented on this little old blog of mine:

- We managed to live together for 5 whole years without killing each other (haha!)
- We welcomed not just one, but two miniature dachshund puppies into our lives
- I graduated with a bachelors degree in Primary Education, and Ben graduated with a bachelors degree in Medicine and Surgery
- I started my own blog design business and worked with some top name clients
- My Dad and his partner Judy got married, and my baby brother Lucas was born
- I said goodbye to toxic friendships and made some healthy new ones
- I finally got to be a bridesmaid! Childhood dream achieved right there ;)
- I managed to grow my hair out without getting any major changes made to it
- I officially opened my YouTube channel to the public and started uploading weekly videos
- I became an ethical (and soon to be health conscious) Vegan, and gave up "dieting" forever

Sure, I may not have achieved as much as I wanted to, or the things most important to me yet, but perhaps that's a good thing? Because that means I still have all of those things to look forward to! If there's one thing I've learned in the past few weeks, it's that having something to look forward to is just as important as having memories to look back on. For example, B and I are currently planning and saving up for our very first overseas holiday to Bali in August/September, and now every day that I get up for work or get called in for an extra shift I no longer see it as a mundane chore, but instead see it as getting one step closer to reaching one of our future goals.

So I guess if there is one thing we can take away from this blog post, it's that we should look for the positives in every situation. Things happen and plans change, that's life. Go with the flow and enjoy where life takes you.

If you'd like to read my first ever blog post, you can check it out here. :)

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  1. Lovely read, we all have moments when we think what have I done with my time and wonder if it has all been a waste. But it sounds as though you have had some great times and I love seeing your pictures on Instagram xx

    1. Thanks girl! Glad to know I'm not alone. :) Thanks for following me on insta as well! xx


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