What Drives Me.

If you're a long time reader of this blog, the answer to this question shouldn't surprise you. If you were a stranger though, and you asked me this question in person, the answer would most likely take you off guard.

Since finishing my degree in Primary Education almost three years ago now (wow, I'm getting old!), and especially since moving up to Townsville, I am constantly being asked by people "so what is it that you do?" or "what are your goals in life?". To be perfectly honest, I hate being asked these questions.

Let's start off with question number one. What is it that I do?

The reason I hate being asked this question is because in the society that we live in, I am going to be judged big time if I actually spoke the truth. Do I tell them I work part-time as a checkout chick? Do I care to explain further that I started doing this to supplement the once small income (now almost obsolete income) that I was getting from my blog design business? Sure, it's pretty cool that I created my own business from scratch, made it all legal, etc. but if it's really more of a hobby than a career then is it even worth mentioning? And what about the things I do outside of my part-time jobs? Do I tell people I run my own 'Pretty Little Liars' facebook group and instagram account? Do I mention the fact that I have something like five different instagram accounts, including one for my dogs? Do I tell them that I'm an aspiring YouTube content creator, but that the only videos I have put out so far are TV show theory and reaction videos because I'm still not quite confident enough to speak passionately about something that actually matters? Do I tell them that I'm a massive procrastinator, even when it comes to doing things I enjoy? Do I tell them that I'm a master budgeter, even if I don't have all that much money to manage in the first place?

How about the next question. What are my goals in life?

If I said my number one goal in life was to be healthy, wealthy and capable enough to birth 2-3 children naturally before the age of 35, would that be a suitable enough answer? If I said that I didn't give two hoots about ever having a career of my own, would that make me appear lazy? Is wanting to be a stay at home Mum who works part-time while the kids are at day care a few times a week aiming too low in life? Is it wrong that I am basing what I am doing right now on what I want to have happen 2-3 years from now? Is settling for part-time work currently really settling? Or am I simply being smart about things, by preparing myself for the type of income we will be dealing with as a family once we start having children?

These are the types of things that go through my mind when people ask me these questions.

Perhaps I should start being more honest in future. I mean, who knows, maybe someone asking could be feeling the same way?

This blog post was inspired by Erin from Two Thirds Hazel.

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  1. Good on you Felicity for at least knowing what you want from life & readying yourself for it :) I don't think wanting to be a stay at home mum is anything to be judged on, some people have such a strong maternal vibe that it would be wrong for them NOT to stay at home with their kids ! You do you :)

    1. Awww thanks Lauren! You have no idea how much it helped to read this comment. :) xx


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