Snap Happy Sunday // My "Earthlings Experience".

About a month ago now I was given the opportunity through the Townsville Vegans group to put aside my ego for the day and do something selfless and beneficial for the animals, humans and our planet. Standing united, but anonymous, at the local university with such a beautiful group of people and a powerful message was an absolute honour and pleasure. Our message was brutally honest and wasn't sugarcoated in the slightest, so I am so glad that the University was respectful enough to let us deliver this message despite the graphic nature. :)

The next time you come across a group of activists "protesting" in public, please don't be afraid to stop and listen to their message. I promise you they are not there to scare or intimidate you. They do not think that they are better than you. They simply wish to educate, raise awareness and ultimately create a better life for you. :)

Thank you to Samara for organising this great event, and to Dela for the awesome photos! x

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