One Year Veganniversary.

You can purchase this shirt created by famous Australian Vegan activist James Aspey here.

One year ago to this day, while I was down in Brisbane visiting my family, I made the life changing decision to never consume, use, or intentionally support the exploitation of another animal again in my life. It was on this day that I became Vegan.

I knew when making this decision that my life would be turned upside down. I fully expected friends, family, coworkers etc to bombard me with questions, lame jokes and criticisms. What I wasn't expecting was just how many people would support me in my decision, and who. Without naming names, some of the people I thought would support me didn't at first, but with time grew to accept my decision. Alternatively, those who I thought would never understand supported me from the get go and some even began to follow in my footsteps. I also stepped outside of my comfort zone and joined a local Vegan group that held weekly (turned monthly) potlucks, and made a whole circle of new friends. I cannot thank these people enough for supporting me in my decision, especially during those first few months.

Fast forward to today and it's as though I have been Vegan my entire life. What once seemed like such a daunting concept is now my every day way of life. The decision not to consume animals each day is no longer something I have to consciously think about, I simply listen to my body and eat whatever yummy plant based foods my body is craving at the time.. which can be anything from avocado and tomato on toast, to a completely raw salad dressed only with lemon juice (two meals I never would have eaten before going vegan!). I love my fruits and veggies so much more since cutting animal products out of my diet. It's like my tastebuds have completely changed. In fact, the smell and look of animal products completely turns me off now and actually makes me feel quite sick.. even cheese!

Never before have I been this interested in and excited about my health, cooking, eating out, supporting local businesses, getting involved in activism, keeping tabs on real world matters, etc. It's safe to say that Veganism has completely changed my life, 100% for the better. I have no idea what the future holds for me in regards to this new lifestyle change, but I am motivated and inspired to create more positive change in whatever way I can.

Watch this space! :)

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