Snap Happy Sunday // The Past Month.

Following my recent move back down to Brisbane, I thought it would be nice to share a picture heavy post of the past month of my life. It's crazy how quickly the time has flown by.

The four photos above were taken on the 6th and 7th of September during my roadtrip back down to Brisbane. I was accompanied by two of my best friends Anita (shown in the photos) and Jaana, as well as my dogs Ellie and Nala. On the first day of our trip we drove from Townsville down to Rockhampton, stopping at Bowen and Mackay along the way. We stayed the night at a pet friendly motel in Rocky, then set off early the next morning for the 8-9 hour drive back to Brisbane. All in all it was a safe and moderately enjoyable trip. I am so grateful to Anita and Jaana for accompanying me, as well as for helping me pack for the move. I couldn't have done it without you girls.

I  arrived home on the 7th at around 4.30pm, where we were greeted by my Mum and brother. The next few weeks were spent settling in and spending time with family and friends. My furniture hadn't arrived at this point, so I spent the next few weeks living out of my suitcase. I was feeling pretty depressed during this time. I found that going for lake walks helped quite a bit, but my depression was still always just beneath the surface, and still is to an extent. Although I am no longer on student payments (and haven't been for a long time now), the fact that I am still not completely financially independent is really hitting home now that I am single. I am constantly worrying about my future and hope to find some peace in this area soon.

Since moving back I also had some blonde added to my hair by my best friend Katie. I'm really loving how it looks at the moment, which is very natural, but I'm thinking of getting some more blonde added soon to brighten it up for summer. I'm also really loving having my full fringe back. The forehead acne is a pain in the arse though!

About a week after moving back my brother and I drove to Toowoomba for our step sister Lexi's 18th birthday dinner. It's crazy to think that Lexi was still in Primary school when we first met. I was pleasantly surprised to find that there was a vegan salad on the menu, and man did it taste delicious. I was even more surprised to find I'd won $67 on the pokies after putting my first dollar in. I rarely ever gamble at all, so I took my $67 and ran haha!

Finally, eventually, after a month of waiting.. my furniture finally arrived. I'm really lucky that Mum turned the front room of our house into a storage room because I have at least 15 boxes currently being stored in there. The only furniture I brought with me was my computer desk, dressing table (which I will eventually replace with one that matches my desk) and a coffee table that my Dad made me. I am currently sleeping in a single bed in the smallest room of the house. I could just barely fit my desk and dressing table in, but I'm happy with how my room is looking now that I have pulled some of my stuff out of storage. Like I said earlier, I'm really scared for my future at the moment if I can't get more hours at work. As lovely as it is to be back with family, I really do crave the independence I had living out of home. I know I could always look for a share place, but it is really difficult with the dogs as I am super protective  and don't want them living with random strangers. I guess I just need to take each day as it comes.

Other things I've been up to lately:
I started my new job on the 28th of September.
- Anita, Jaana and I attended my friend Bianca's wedding on October 1st.
- I saw Bridget Jones' Baby, twice, and laughed my arse off both times.
- Went to a Sea Shepherd fundraising festival and met my vegan idol, James Aspey.

So what have you guys been up to?

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