Tuesday, 21 April 2015

The Pros and Cons of dating a Doctor.

One of my most popular posts of all time on this blog is one I wrote almost three years ago titled 'The Pros and Cons of dating a Med student'. I'm still not sure why this post was (and continues to be) so popular, but I figured it was about time I wrote a follow up post. Things haven't changed that much since B was still a med student, however there are definitely a few more things that I can now add to the pros and cons list.

Pro: You can finally afford to say yes to some of those outings you had to say no to when your partner was a poor Uni student.

Con: More often than not, you still don't have the time. Doctors hours are even more full on/all over the place.

Pro: When people ask what your partner does for a living, you can actually give them a job title rather than saying "he's a student".

Con: If you tell someone (that you don't know well) that your partner is a doctor, they automatically make the assumption that you are rich, have it made, etc. Instead you decide to tell people "he works at the hospital", and then they just assume he is a nurse instead. Not that there is anything wrong with being a nurse, but it all goes back to assumptions doesn't it?

Pro: Despite your partners new erratic work hours, you and your partner have gotten through the trialing years of medical school and made it out the other side, stronger than ever.

Con: If you're not already engaged/married to your doctor, people really start demanding to know WHY? They don't care that you are clearly in a long term, committed relationship, they simply want a ring on the finger and an invite to the wedding.

Pro: You can get pre-approved for bank loans simply because your partner is a doctor.

Con: Your own career/financial status suddenly appears insignificant in comparison.

Pro: There's nothing your partner hasn't seen. If you do something gross in front of them they don't even bat an eyelash.

Con: There's nothing your partner hasn't seen. Enough said.

So there you have it - five more pros and cons of dating someone in the medical field.

Is there anything I've forgotten to add to this list? Can you relate to any of these pros and cons?

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Monday, 13 April 2015

What I like about Townsville so far!

In case you didn't already know, I think living in Townsville is awesome! Moving here was the best thing B and I have ever done. I've never been happier or more content with my life than I am living here. These are a few of the reasons why:

- The people here are friendly. Most people I've met have been extremely kind, helpful and welcoming.

- It's already midway through April and I can still get around in a flimsy summer dress. This might just be the first year that I'm not freezing my arse off on my birthday (which is May 29, in case you were wondering).

- Magnetic Island is just a ferry ride away.

- We're only about a 3 and a half hour drive from Cairns or The Whitsundays, making weekend getaways affordable and timely.

- You can easily get a car park at any of the numerous shopping centers (and you don't have to drive very far to get to them).

- The Strand (pictured above) is absolutely stunning. You may have to swim in netted off areas during Summer due to the jellyfish, but seeing as I don't like swimming, this beach is perfection to me. It is just so beautiful - words and photos cannot do it justice.

- Most of the restaurants and cafe's along The Strand are pet friendly. You can also walk in and get a table without having to wait half an hour, or having to wait in a huge queue to pay.

- There are not one, but two dachshund groups, and they have regular meet ups at the various different dog parks.

- We have access to NBN (well, at least our area does) making downloading/uploading a dream. This may be a sign that I should get back into my YouTube channel. :P

- It feels like home. I could seriously see myself living here for a very long time. If only we had some family up here.

So there you go - ten of the things that I am enjoying about Townsville!

Have you ever lived in or visited Townsville? What did you enjoy about your time here?

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Wednesday, 8 April 2015

The Perfect Wednesday.

Today is mine and B's only day off for the next seven days. To say I was grateful that we had this day off together is a massive understatement. I was pleased as pie and wasn't going to waste a second of it. So after a nice little sleep in (if you can call 7am a sleep in) we both got up and changed into our gym gear for our very first session at our local gym which we joined yesterday evening. I started a new 3 month health and fitness program with the body coach at the beginning of last week, and for the first month of the program I need to do a half hour HIIT session at least 5 times a week, preferably in the mornings. For my HIIT session today I did 15 minutes on the exercise bike and 15 minutes on the treadmill - 30 seconds on and 50 seconds off (because I'm just not that fit yet).

Once we were finished at the gym we headed back home to shower and change, and then drove down to The Strand for a gorgeous breakfast at The Coffee Club. This over indulgent breakfast certainly wasn't on my meal plan, but after 9 days of no cheat meals (including over Easter) I felt this was a well deserved treat on our one day off together. We then went for a short walk along The Strand where I took the beautiful photo below. Sometimes I still can't believe we live here!

After our walk we drove back home for a quick break to prepare our grocery shopping list for later, and spent a bit of time watching Ellie and Nala playing together in the garden. We then drove over (we did a lot of driving today) to the main shopping centre in Townsville to buy some new running shoes for B, and some workout leggings for me. We then went back home for a quick lunch before taking the furbabies to the vet for Nala's final vaccination (she can start going for walks next weekend) and Ellie's yearly vaccination. Nala was the biggest sook as usual, and Ellie was surprisingly really well behaved. While we were there we had the pups weighed and Nala is now only half a kilogram away from being the same weight as Ellie.. crazy!

After dropping the pups back home from the vet we then headed off for our last outing of the day to do the grocery shopping - which ended up costing us almost twice the price of our usual shop (it's expensive to be healthy!). And now I'm just sitting in my office with Nala on my lap typing up this post before B and I start cooking dinner together. The perfect end to the perfect day. :)

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Friday, 3 April 2015

How I learned to let go of negative people.

It's no secret that I have had my fair share of negative people worm their way into my life at one point or another. It's also no secret that I will not stand for negative people weighing me down. Unfortunately saying goodbye to such negativity isn't as always simple as saying goodbye and good riddance. Once you build up the courage to remove that person from your life, it's not uncommon for you to still feel their negative presence on a daily basis - a negative aftermath so to speak. Letting go of negative people is rarely ever as easy as simply removing them from your life. You will also need to let go of their ongoing hold over you.

Here are a few things that I have found that can help you to do this:

1. Remove yourself from as many of your mutual friends/acquaintances as possible.
Obviously if one of your mutual friends is someone you hold very dear to your heart then you definitely wouldn't remove yourself from them. You may want to watch what you say to them though, as you don't want them to feel caught in the middle, or to bring certain topics up to the negative person you are trying to distance yourself from. If it's just an acquaintance though, delete them off social media so that you don't catch glimpses of their conversations or even worse, photographs, with said negative person.

2. Remove as many physical reminders of your past with this person as you can.
If you have photos that were taken together with mutual friends, keep those, but the rest can magically disappear. Try not to display the photos with mutual friends that you keep though, and even more important, don't cut the negative person out of your photos, as this will only prompt people to ask who you cut out when they see the photo hanging in your living room. If you have gifts that this person gave you that bring back memories of your time together, give them away to someone else who will appreciate them without the attached memories weighing them down.

3. Whenever you find yourself thinking about them, remind yourself of how much better your current situation is without their negativity.
For example, whenever I catch myself missing someone who I've purposefully removed from my life (it happens, I'm human), I try to imagine how I would feel about my current situation if that person was actually around still. Nine times out of ten, I can honestly say that I know I would feel really awful and nowhere near as positive and confident.

4. Similarly, if you find yourself missing that person, try imagining your future if that person were still in your life.
This is a big one for me. Whenever I find myself wondering if I made a mistake by cutting someone negative out of my life, I think ahead to the future when I'm getting married and having children, and feel grateful that that person won't be there to make me feel inferior on my wedding day, or to spread their negativity around in front of my future children. The last thing I want is for my children to think it's normal to have negative friends that make you feel like crap.

5. Think about all of the POSITIVE people who are still in your life. Appreciate them.
This is probably the most important point of all, and the thing that has helped me the most. Since cutting negative people out of my life I have had more time to get to know my positive friends and acquaintances more. This means that friendships have grown immensely, or formed when I once wouldn't have given them the chance to go anywhere due to being so wrapped up in feeling horrible about myself. Plus, by surrounding myself with so much positivity, I find myself attracting even positive people and situations into my life. :)

I hope these five tips were helpful and that you're now feeling better about your decision to rid yourself of negative people. Just remember that you're not alone, and that just because it isn't easy, doesn't mean that it wasn't the right decision to make.

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