Monday, 6 March 2017

My Love Life - An Update.

I know, I know - it's been ages. This always happens when I get a new lease on blogging.. I give up before I even start. I'm a bit of a perfectionist, so if my life isn't going exactly how I want it to I find it hard to share it on the blog. That's not being very authentic though so I need to get over that mentality. Nobody wants to read about someone's perfect life anyway, right?

So what's been happening? Well.. since we last spoke in December I stopped seeing the guy I was planning on talking about in a follow up post. Hence why I went silent for a bit. We were only dating for a month and a bit before things started getting too serious for him, and if I'm honest, not serious enough for me. This guy was quite a few years older than me, fresh out of a marriage with two young kids in toe, and as much as I enjoyed his company (he had such a carefree attitude to life which was refreshing to be swept up in), I wasn't interested in being someone's rebound. It was fun while it lasted though, and hey - at least I got my own rebound out of the way!

Since then I have been on a few dates that didn't really lead to anywhere, but they got me out of my comfort zone and opened my eyes to new situations and ways of thinking. Some of my friends began to suggest that I give up on dating and just wait for the right guy to come to me. As ideal as that would be though, I actually quite enjoy the excitement and challenges that come with dating and putting yourself out there.

At present I am dating an incredibly charming and handsome guy (who is around my age and without any baggage - yay!), ties my stomach up with butterflies, infuriates me on the daily, yet somehow always leaves me wanting more. Hopefully I will be able to share more about this one soon as I can genuinely see myself falling for this guy if he gives me half a chance. It's only been a month so far and I can tell that he's still playing it safe, but I can also tell that he likes me a lot and is stepping out of his comfort zone as he explores his feelings for me.

Which brings me to my own comfort zone and what I currently want in life.. and how this has changed since getting out of my long term relationship last June.

To cut a long story short, I no longer feel the need to place time limits on my happiness. I no longer care when, or if, I even get married. I don't have a set age for when I want to start trying for a family. It doesn't bother me that I haven't travelled overseas yet and I couldn't care less when this ends up happening. I don't need to own a house to feel settled, and I don't need a 9-5 job to feel like a contributing member of society. The only thing I want in life is to experience the pleasure of both giving and receiving genuine, honest, heartfelt love and compassion. Whether it be romantic love, friendship, the love you have for a hobby, the love you give and receive from strangers. As long as my life is focused on love - I am happy - and if I'm happy then everything else will surely fall into place when and as it is meant to. It's quite a liberating way of looking at things and I encourage you all to do the same. :)

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Sunday, 11 December 2016

Snap Happy Sunday // Brisbane Vegan Markets.

One of the best things about being back in Brisbane is all of the awesome vegan events that keep popping up all over the place. So far I've been to a Sea Shepherd event at Southbank, Eco Fest on the Gold Coast, and then today I went to the Brisbane Vegan Markets in West End. Whilst the markets weren't as exciting as the first two events (Eco Fest was by far my fave! I had such a great day) the food options were beyond amazing. From mac and cheese, to "chicken" drumsticks, to custard tarts, there was something there for everyone. Sometimes I wish I had a second stomach just for these events - I always leave disappointed that I couldn't try everything.

Icecream made with liquid nitrogen

Vegan "chicken" drumsticks and nuggets
As much as I wish I had my Townsville vegan tribe here to enjoy these events with me, I am lucky enough to have found myself some lovely new vego babes to share in all the awesomeness. Brooke (pictured below) couldn't get over the fact that we weren't actually eating real chicken. It's pretty incredible how closely we can imitate real meat these days.

The rest of the markets, food aside, were pretty good as well. I wish they'd had a few more stalls though. I really wanted to buy one of the dainty pendant necklaces pictured below but with Christmas coming up I decided I should probably save my money. Definitely purchasing one of these in future though. First I just need to decide between the banana, avocado and watermelon design. They were all too pretty!

After the markets we spent the rest of the afternoon bumming around Southbank. It was such a nice day for it. Although I do miss the chilled atmosphere of Townsville, there's definitely something to be said for city living. If it wasn't for my dogs I would totally consider moving even closer.

It's funny, actually, how I never appreciated Brisbane for what it had to offer when I lived down this way previously. I was always so daunted by the idea of catching public transport in or trying to find a park that nine times out of ten I'd just give up on going in completely. Lucky for me the new guy I've recently started seeing lives right along the river, just a short walk from all the hustle and bustle, including one of my new favourite vegan restaurants (yay!). Visiting him has definitely helped me to get over my fear of driving around the city. More on this new budding romance of mine another day though. ;)

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Saturday, 10 December 2016

Here's to New Beginnings!

After well over a month without access to a computer after my old computer decided it was time retire to computer heaven, the one thing I really missed the most was the freedom to just sit down and type out my feelings on this little old blog of mine. Now that I am back in the blogging business though I'm finding it oddly difficult to pick a topic to talk about. You see, during my hiatus I had plenty of time to go back over my old and incredibly cringe worthy blog posts, and looking back I feel as though I was painting a false reality and not being as honest with my readers (or myself) as I could have been. So going forward I feel as though I owe it to myself to pick up my game when it comes to telling my story. The last thing I want is to look back on this blog another five years from now and be just as bored reading it as I found myself recently.

With that being said, here's to new beginnings - both in life and blogging!  It's good to be back. x

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