To The Rainbow After Our Storm.

Apologies for the delay in posting little one. I promise it was not out of fear or lack of excitement, but simply due to being overwhelmingly busy with your sister (almost two) and some big life changes. Throughout it all you've been a constant source of happiness and inspiration for me and I am beyond delighted to finally announce you on this little blog of mine.

After the loss of what would have been a very unexpected sibling for M in March/April of last year, you came into our lives in a way that was very much planned and hoped for. Not to replace the baby we had lost, but to fill our hearts with the love we now knew we had for another little member of our family. It was Sunday July 31st, 2022 when I first saw that faint pink double line. I had been testing early like I always do when trying for a baby, and found out at 10 days past ovulation just like I did with your sister. I was so excited to see that positive test that I took a digital immediately after and almost screamed with excitement when I saw the words Yes+ appear on the screen. Your Daddy was sleeping in this day though so I didn't want to wake him, instead opting to start planning a surprise for him.

After losing your sibling I had purchased a Friends themed tshirt for M to wear that said "the one where I become a big sister". I had planned to use this for our announcement of your existence on social media, in keeping with the same Friends theme we used to announce M's existence back in 2020. Anyway, I decided to dress M in this shirt that day and covered it up with a zip down hoodie. Once your Dad finally woke up, M was already down for her first nap of the day, but when he came in to say hello he noticed she and I were dressed similar which prompted me to secretly get out the camera to record him while I asked him to unzip her hoodie. Happy tears instantly filled his eyes as the realisation that we were expecting another baby set in. There was no fear from either of us in this moment, just pure excitement and celebration, exactly as it should have been.

Fast forward a few weeks and we were sitting back in the same ultrasound room we'd been in previously when we were told your sibling most likely hadn't made it. Fear definitely set in that day, but we brought your sister along to make things a little easier for us if we were to receive bad news. Fortunately we were quick to see a healthy little heartbeat, albeit measuring a little behind. This meant a follow up scan two weeks later where everything was back on track again, exactly as expected in line with when I had ovulated. These scans confirmed your due date to be the 13th of April, 2023 - the same date as mine and your father's 4 year wedding anniversary!

Since then we have had multiple scares but also many reassurances that you are absolutely fine and healthy in there. At present I am 28 and a half weeks pregnant and at the beginning of my third trimester. We were recently cleared for any sign of gestational diabetes and so far we are all clear for any sign of preeclampsia. I've just started getting my first bout of heartburn, but other than that, everything is great right now.

I am all set to give birth in the birth centre this time, provided everything remains low risk for us. I don't want to get ahead of myself, but I just have this really strong feeling that everything is going to go really well this time around and I won't need to be induced. I'm actually really excited at the idea of going into spontaneous labour. I wonder if you will come early, on time or keep us hanging on for a while. Either way, we are so sooo excited to meet you little one! You are already loved beyond measure and have been bringing us so much joy each and every day!

Until next time...



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