We Bought A House!

As per usual, I am a few months behind in sharing the news on this here blog of mine.. but in my defence, buying a house and immediately commencing full blown renovations hasn't exactly left me with plenty of time on my hands. Since buying our new home towards the end of last year, D has been over there pretty much every single evening and weekend working non stop on creating our dream living space. This has left me looking after M around the clock when not at work (which I have currently stopped due to starting maternity leave) and with very little downtime to even think about opening my laptop. I still have very little downtime, even on the days where M is at daycare, as I am busy preparing for our new arrival.. but today I decided to take myself down to a local plant based cafe for lunch and spend a couple of hours just for myself.

Anyway, back to the house.. it's amazing! 3 bedrooms downstairs, 2 bedrooms upstairs, and 1 bedroom off the double garage. 1 bathroom downstairs, 1 bathroom upstairs and 1 bathroom off the garage. After converting the garage to a "granny flat" we essentially have three separate living spaces. It hasn't been easy though, and we are still in the midst of renovations, but we have completely modernised the main living areas and bedrooms with square set ceilings, polished concrete, click flooring and a whole new paint job. The big jobs still on our to-do list are the bathrooms and kitchen (and kitchenette in the granny flat), deck out the back (we did get a new patio roof installed however) and the laundry. Everything else can be completed as time and money allows.

In saying this, it is unlikely the main renovations will be finished before bub is born (not for lack of D's extremely hard work), so in the meanwhile I am trying to prepare our already limited space at my mother in law's for two under three. I'm not going to lie, I am finding the whole situation pretty stressful, but I just keep reminding myself that we've waited this long and we can wait a little bit longer - especially if it means moving into a gorgeous new home and not having to live in the middle of a renovation job. Babies don't take up a lot of room anyway, right? ;)

Watch this space!

Until next time...



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